CAD Cafe – Haji Lane (Closed)

(CAD Cafe had since ceased operations.)

CAD Cafe is probably one of the newest cafes opening up in the Kampong Glam area that already has numerous fine dining, pubs, bistro and cafes in the area. Located at the narrow Haji Lane, it is probably not the most comfortable experience trying to navigate the way to the cafe in the small lane squeezing with taxis and vans, but nonetheless, I still managed to find my way there.

CAD is actually the abbreviation for Coffee Art Design, which is the full name of this cafe. Following what is starting to get popular recently, CAD Cafe adopts a retro style within the interior of its vibrant coloured shophouse, with a vintage TV sitting right in front of the door. CAD has quite a small seating area on the inside, with a table of four and another two counter seats. Another four tables of two are also available outdoors beside the narrow road with fans installed to keep patrons cool. It is this sort of details that you know a cafe does care for the customers.

Menu variety is pretty limited here, with coffee, beer, juices and even Coca-Cola and Sprite sold here. On the day of visiting, there were also a few bakes available, but that was probably the only things sold.


(Iced Latte)

The blend used for the coffee here are from Toby’s Estate, which I visited a few days earlier before with my friend who claimed his Flat White there to be perfect. I am not a fan of iced coffees (unless I visit Starbucks or if it’s cold drip), but I had to order the Iced Latte because I was getting baked at Haji Lane. While some places attempt to sweeten the Latte by adding syrup, the one here is the most original and plain you are going to get. Even with the amount of milk added, the coffee remained strong with a medium body and it was rather aromatic as well without being burnt leaving a bitter aftertaste. If anything, this is one of the best Iced Latte I ever had so far, although I only had Iced Latte from commercial restaurants because I would have hot coffee in cafes like these.


(Pain Au Chocolat)

I did not really have any expectations for the pastries here because it is a cafe and not a patisserie, but the Pain Au Chocolat wow-ed me completely with its extremely crispy exterior. Flaky on the outside yet warm and buttery on the inside, it definitely was a great pairing with my iced latte. The amount of chocolate was reasonable as it did not overwhelm the pastry but was sweet enough for what it was intended to be.


Being a new kid on the block, CAD Cafe definitely impressed me with its offerings. Great food, great atmosphere and warm service, but the drawback was that it is too small with the number of seats and the limited menu. While one could conveniently patronise the other cafes located around the Kampong Glam area if it is full, it surely would be dependent on luck if one would find empty seats here once it gets known in the future. Hopefully they would also be able to serve brunch sets as well, just to offer a wider variety, otherwise, it makes for a good place to chill and hide from the scorching sun.

CAD Cafe
23 Haji Lane
Singapore 189216

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Went there for brunch and love it much! Great service from the crew too 🙂

    1. thexw says:

      I loved how open it felt for the outside seating and it’s really a good place to people watch too! So glad that they started serving brunch and added more seating since the visit I made


      1. Food Esteem says:

        Definitely! Haha

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