Cronuts from Brunetti

While the Crodo and Gnut are widely seen as the only Cronuts served in Singapore, it is not exactly the case. A previous article I had written also includes Sugarloaf Cafe at Temasek Polytechnic, and an even lesser known one sold at Brunetti.

Brunetti’s version of the Cronuts are called … Cronuts. Uninspiring the name would be as compared to the likes of Crodo and Gnut, there are more flavours offered here as well, including the almost-basic Chocolate and even Nutella.


(Chocolate Cronut)

The Cronuts on first look seems like a combination of both Gnut and Crodo on the exterior. We have sugar coated on the exterior of the Cronut from Brunetti, as well as a chocolate topping with flakes sprinkled on the top.


(Chocolate Cronut)

The Chocolate Cronut here have a rather thin yet adequate layering of chocolate. The filling is a Chocolate mousse, however it was rather thick and tasted more chocolate-y than the Gnut. The mousse is also more well-balanced out as it was as creamy as it was chocolate-y, therefore not feeling overly sweet. The Cronuts were quite soft and fluffy in the inside, but it tasted more like a donut in the interior with a flaky and slightly buttery exterior. There is also a bit of crispiness even though there is no crust on the exterior; much of it due to the sugar coated on the surface of the Cronut. Despite so, the sweetness from the sugar gave it another dimension in terms of flavour as it was slightly different in the sweetness created by the mousse. While this Cronut also does ooze oil when chewed, it was the least oily one out of the three I have tried. Pricing-wise, the Cronut from Brunetti also comes as the cheapest of the three, coming at only $4.50 per piece.

To read my reviews on the Crodos from Gastronomia and Gnuts from Patisserie G, click the links below:

Gnut by Patisserie G
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For those who are interested in Brunetti’s version of the Cronuts, the only outlet is located at Tanglin Mall.

Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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