Gnuts by Patisserie G

Jumping onboard the Cronut craze in Singapore is also Patisserie G, a local patisserie located at Millennia Walk known for their macarons and various bakes with their version of the Cronut named Gnut. If you are still new to the idea of Cronuts, I would strongly recommend you to read my earlier post on Crodos by Gastronomia by clicking here as this post would be more of a comparison of Gnuts and Crodos served by Patisserie G and Gastronomia respectively.


(Chocolate Gnut)

First Impressions

The Gnut looks more like a plain donut on first look. It has done away with the usual toppings that occupy the top of the Cronut, with the only toppings being the filling sandwiched in the middle. For people who thinks size does matter, the Gnut is distinctively smaller in comparison with the Crodo, though it makes the Gnut a more suitable tea-time snack to go along with coffee rather than a quick on-the-go bite


While Crodos are only available in cream or chocolate, it is known that Gnuts have slightly more unique flavours such as Lemon and Salted Caramel. When I visited that day though, there were only Chocolate Gnut and Lemon Gnut available.


(Chocolate Gnut)

Taste and texture

While sharing the same base idea being a Cronut, the Crodo and the Gnut seems to differ slightly. The most obvious difference would have to be the chocolate filling. Chocolate Crodos are topped and filled with dark chocolate, while the Chocolate Gnut is filled with a generous amount of chocolate mousse. Texture-wise the Gnut would be crispier and flakier, achieving a more crossaint-like taste and texture while the Crodo is more like a fluffier and lighter donut. While the Crodo is lightly buttery, the Gnut is more so, but still without being overwhelmingly buttery. Even so, the Gnut seems slightly more oily than the Crodo as every bite oozes oil out from the buttery pastry.


Gnuts costs $5.00 each, $0.10 more than a Crodo. Do note that prices for Gnuts do go as low as $4.00 each if they are specials of the day.

Final words

With me writing a post dedicated to both Gnut and Crodo, some would definitely want me to make a verdict on which is better. Be it Gnut or Crodo, each variation has it own strong points and pitfall. Having only tried Chocolate versions of both, I felt that the Gnut was a better executed pastry as it was more of a croissant than the Gastronomia version. However, I also have to give credits to the Crodo for using dark chocolate in the filling which gave it a boost in taste. Personally, the Crodo won me over not only because of the richer chocolate filling and topping, but also because as I preferred lighter and fluffier bread instead of flaky buttery croissants. This makes the Crodo a clear preference for me, though the Gnut still remains as an open option as well.

To read more about the Crodos served by Gastronomia or Cronuts from Brunetti, click the links below:

Crodos by Gastronomia.
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Patisserie G
Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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