Group Therapy Coffee – Duxton Road

Group Therapy Coffee needs no introduction now; it’s been a while since it had settled in the quaint neighbourhood of Duxton Road. Well known to be a place for brunch, it is a popular spot with much teenagers and young adults alike whom are all into the hype of brunch food and great coffee alike.

The entrance is easy to miss if you are not looking hard for the cafe; from the ground level there is a signboard stating some items sold, and another signage that hangs on the wall saying “Group Therapy upstairs”, then you will be greeted by a stairwell with faux grass laid on the platform. Following up the staircases you will be greeting with door and that would be where Group Therapy Coffee is. The quaint furnishings exudes modernity, yet gives a very indie feel as well. There are many types of seatings that would appeal to the patrons; sofas are there for those whom prefer a much more cosy and comfortable environment, while there are also long tables with stools for the individual diners as well as the usual dining tables for the more conventional. Brunch items are what most people come here for, but apart from that they do serve mains, desserts , coffee, tea, juices and even alcoholic drinks. In fact the drinks menu is just as comprehensive as the food menu.


(Poached Eggs)

Poached Eggs is a common brunch item, and the ones here are served on top of a thick toast with smoked salmon and topped of with Hollandaise Sauce. The eggs were brilliantly poached with the egg yolk being runny yet having the egg white solidified and tasted extremely fresh and slightly more refined in taste as compared to your regular egg yolks outside. The salmon complimented the toast well by adding this smoky flavour to the dish, which made the the eggs and the toast so savoury. The Hollandaise sauce gave the dish a real tasty finishing; unlike the Hollandaise sauce in the Poached Salmon from IKEA which had a sweet flavour to it, this Hollandaise sauce was more salty in comparison than being sweet. Nonetheless though it was a real savoury brunch item to have, and it was something that I truly enjoyed.


(Caramel Granny Smith Apple Pie)

The Caramel Granny Smith Apple Pie was a cold item, a break from those that are usually served warm. While caramel often gives a strong and intense sweetness to anything that it is applied on, the caramel here was a somewhat light flavour that gave a bit more flavour to the caramalised apples. The crust held the pie pretty firmly, which was something I personally liked. The Granny Smith Apple chunks were huge, flavourful and juicy. I particularly liked the granola nuts sprinkled on the top of the pie; it gave the pie some flavour that was unlike the usual crumbs with a fruity (and healthy) taste.


(Belgian Style Waffle with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Almonds and Fruits)

The Belgian Style Waffle with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Almonds and Fruits was not really as outstanding as the rest of the items. While the Vanilla ice-cream was pretty aromatic and smooth on it’s own, with the roasted almonds tasting rather toasty, the Belgian Waffle was a bit short on the toastiness. The waffle was a bit too soft for my liking with a moist interior that was a bit too wet. While having it, it just clumps up in the mouth and throat and it just sticks there; something that was not quite right. The strawberries were also a bit raw as it was somewhat sour. My friend did enjoy this, but it did not impress my tastebuds.


(Iced Caramel Cappuccino)

My friend had Iced Caramel Cappuccino. It was again something he did enjoy, but I thought it was very bland in terms of coffee and caramel. Somewhat like having too much melted ice inside your coffee, it definitely was something that did not hit into a person who enjoys strong tasting coffee.



It’s been quite a while since I last ordered an Affogato anywhere, so I went straight into the Affogato. While the combination of both was quite balanced, the Espresso here is pretty much bitter and did not carry much body in it.

Group Therapy Coffee is probably the place to go for a group brunch gathering. The name just says it; Group Therapy, where a group can go to for a mental break from reality and have some fun catching up on each other after having not seen each other for a long time. The brunch items here are mostly impressive, though the desserts would be a matter of choice. Personally I would probably have my brunch here, and then probably grab my coffee and the waffles over at the nearby Department of Caffeine because that’s where Department of Caffeine is more specialised in. Nonetheless, Group Therapy Coffee is certainly a better place for group outings with seatings available for larger groups with a cosy environment to chill and waste an afternoon in. There is also another plus factor for Group Therapy Coffee; it is a cafe that takes in reservations, unlike most of its counterparts out there. The cafe is usually full on weekends, so be sure to make use of the advantage before heading down!

Group Therapy Coffee
49 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513

Telephone: +65 6222 2554

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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