Lola’s Cafe – Simon Road

If the western end of Singapore has Lorong Kilat with its endless food offerings ranging from ice-cream, local fare and cafes, Simon Road would be the equivalent located in the northeast. With Ice Edge Cafe, Lola’s Cafe and another pub lining up at Simon Road and a few other dining options scattering at the adjacent Upper Serangoon Road, there would definitely be something that would suit your tastebuds on any particular day.

Lola’s Cafe is a fairly new place located at Simon Road that serves brunch and full-meals for dinner. It also serves desserts as well and they have a wide selection of alcoholic drinks from regular beers to craft beers and even wine, apart from coffee.


(Swiss Mushroom with Melted Cheese on Toasted Foccacia)

I went at the lunch hour, where there are only snacks, brunch, desserts and drinks available. Most of the brunch items are sandwich items less a sausage roll containing a Bratwurst sausage. There are two items that are slightly different, but those are only available on weekends. Since I love my mushrooms I chose the Swiss Mushroom with Melted Cheese on Toasted Foccacia. A mouthful to order, but it is a simple sandwich that had Mushroom and a cream-based sauce under a layer of melted cheese. This essentially tasted a bit pizza-ish with the melted cheese being gooey and such, literally covering the whole top of the toast. Part of the mushroom’s earthy taste had also been neutralised with the sauce, good for those who diskike strong tasting mushrooms. The Foccacia was toasted to a crisp and pretty enjoyable. The fries were a bit off the scale as it came slightly cold though still retaining the crispiness. It was salted just fine, and would have totally hit the mark if it was warmer.


(Classic French Vanilla Creme Brulee)

Classic French Vanilla Creme Brulee was indeed smooth and custardy inside, but the sugar coating seemed a tad too thick and hardened as the first scoop felt more like cracking an egg shell with the coating ending up in pieces like broken glass. The taste of Vanilla also seemed pretty minimal here, but other than that it was definitely a good plate of Creme Brulee.

While many cafes these days have a standard design philosophy with more or less similar furnishings, I personally liked how the tables all came from old sewing machines with the surface replaced. The gears and the pedals of the table are workable though, and I got a fright when I first stepped on it without knowing it actually worked. The menu however would do some good with a bit of tweaking; while having a brunch menu is good, it would be better to have some full meals served particularly for office workers nearby who definitely needs more than just a brunch item to fill themselves up before heading to work. Other than that, the food seems to be worth visiting again, with its peaceful environment. I would probably return for dinner instead the next time round so that I can get to taste the proper main courses served here.

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893

Telephone: +65 6343 1808

Facebook Page:


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