Chef’s Hats (Part 3) – Hougang Green Shopping Mall

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If there is one place that I cannot stop visiting, it has had to be Chef Hat’s at Hougang Green Shopping Mall. As I had mentioned before in the last two posts, I especially loved it’s environment in the heartlands and the food quality.

Recently, they had changed their menu quite a bit and the new menu retains most of the items available in the old one and included some new ones too.


(Grilled Chicken Pasta)

The Grilled Chicken pasta is a new item being served with it’s new menu if my memory does not fail me. This pasta allows you to have the flexibility to choose between sauces and pasta type. I went for Cream sauce with Penne pasta. The pasta sauce here is cooked to be slightly dry; just the way I like it. Despite being so, it gives just enough flavour to the pasta, and makes it taste flavourful without letting it feel overwhelming. The grilled chicken was fragrant and crispy too!


(Pork Chops)

My friend ordered the Pork Chops which was a dish that existed since the old menu. It is being served with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. It was not really something out of the ordinary, and it turned rather stiff and was quite difficult to cut when it cooled down after some time.


(Grilled Chicken Burger)

Having not tried their burgers before, I decided to order the Grilled Chicken Burger on another visit. I once mentioned that the portions here are slightly on the small side, but this burger just seemed to defy that statement. The patty is simply so huge it covers off everything underneath, and the top bun just looks so minuscule compared to the patty! Apart from the chicken, the other condiments of the burger are cheese, bacon and egg with a nice piece of vegetable sitting in the middle. That was not it; it came with two sides; fries and sauteed mushrooms. The bun was grilled and was rather crispy and had it’s own flavour, and the chicken which was grilled-to-order was just magnificent. The condiments, which more or less made the burger felt well put together.


(Sauteed Mushrooms from the Grilled Chicken Burger)

The fries were really nothing much, but the sauteed mushrooms were nice. They didn’t taste too overwhelming, yet preserved the real taste of a properly sauteed mushroom!

I guess nothing can stop me from making a visit to Chef’s Hats; it had always been a pleasure to visit them!

(PS: Pardon for the low-res photos in this post; lost the original copy and had to download them from my Facebook album and hence the quality. Really sorry!)

Chef Hat’s
21 Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Hougang Street 51
Singapore 538719

Facebook Page:!/chefs.hats?fref=ts

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