Penyet Town – Junction10

Located in one of the most obscure corners of the northen part of Singapore in Junction10, formerly Ten Mile Junction, is now home to Penyet Town, a restaurant which specialises in Indonesian fare at food court prices.

The green interiors made it felt Indonesian, with wooden tables and modern seating which gave it a comfy impression. The chairs though are somewhat flimsy; the legs were easy to sway about and the cushioning for some were just gone, but overall it just felt quite inviting.

Although specialising in Penyet, they do sell other Indonesian BBQ dishes that can be paired up with rice.


(Ayam Penyet Town)

I ordered Ayam Penyet Town, which is the signature item. Here you get one piece of chicken with some fried items, vegetables and chilli, which is $6. The chicken is pretty tender, pulls apart easily and seems to taste fine but could have been stronger in it’s flavour. The fried taupok was soft but lacked crispiness. The chilli was just spicy enough within my ability; at least it did not set me off with a fiery tongue.


(Ayam Bakar)

My friend’s Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) was also pretty tender. No comments on the skin because when he gave me a portion of the meat he did not gave me any of the skin. While it does not taste really Indonesian in a way alone, the sauce gave it a nice hint of saltiness and a wee bit of spiciness.


(Tahu Telor)

Our side came slightly after the mains which was a bit odd especially since we had waited slightly around 20 minutes since we made our order. I never tasted the shrimp paste as it had peanuts in it, but the fried beancurd was rather similar to the ones on my Ayam Penyet Town. The dish was mainly quite uplifting due to the fried egg that gave it a very nice fragrant flavour, or the dish would have turned out rather bland. My friend did comment that the sauce is quite spicy though.

While most of the shops within Junction10 have either winded down or have low patronage, Ayam Penyet Town still attracts some customers. The food here is not marvellous, but it feels pretty much what you pay for, though with a few shortcomings in the service in particular. The waitress was not particularly responsive and took her time without really a sense of urgency. Our drinks were also served together with the mains, which got us wondering if they actually forgot our drink order. There also seems to be a hidden charge of $1 per plate of rice which was not stated nor informed. Apart from those issues stated, Penyet Town seems like an alternative to have if you are within the area and craving for Indonesian cuisine; after all I eould choose dining in a restaurant environment than a food court enviornment for the same price if given a choice.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, please visit The Urban City Explorer by clicking here.

Penyet Town
1 Woodlands Road
Singapore 677899


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