The Daily Scoop (Part 2) – Chip Bee Gardens

For my previous trip to The Daily Scoop, click here.

After re-reading the review I had written for The Daily Scoop, I had decided to give them another round of visit because I thought it was not really fair since I had ordered two flavours that does not even compliment each other and when one flavour was not really something I liked. This time, I decided to make sure I got safer flavours which I would like instead of being as adventurous as I did the previous round. Unlike the previous round too, I decided to go on a weekend afternoon, and sure enough the outlet was packed that I was lucky enough to have one empty table awaiting for my arrival to the ice-cream parlour.


(Yellow Brick Road + Lychee Martini)

I still stuck with my usual combination of having a scoop of an alcoholic flavour and another that was of a normal flavour. This time I went for Yellow Brick Road and Lychee Martini, the latter being one of the more popular alcoholic flavour out there. The Yellow Brick Road was a flavour with banana and brownie, and it was serious addicting. There were huge slices of banana in it that made it sweet naturally, while the crumbly bits of brownie gave it a real nice chocolate-y flavour which makes this flavour a unique twist. The Lychee Martini had bits of lychee flesh in it and while it has Martini in it, it was not particularly strong and blended very well with the light Lychee flavour that was seemingly more dominant in this ice-cream, making it a really light and elegant flavour that felt enlightening to have.

While I can say that I am largely more convinced with the fact why most people called them one of the best ice-cream stalls on this island, I still felt that they may lack a bit of innovation to my new found favourite, Merely Ice Cream as although most of the flavours are quite creative, they juggle around the usual ingridients that would be in an ice-cream whereas the latter takes it to another level. Nonetheless though The Daily Scoop would not dissapoint even if you purposely made your trip there; just be warned that the outlet can be pretty full and crowded on weekends.

The Daily Scoop
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115

Web Page:


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