Fast Food for Thought – 8Q SAM (Closed)

(Fast Food for Thought had since ceased operations.)

Food for Thought might be a familiar name to brunch lovers out there, but what is Fast Food for Thought?

For Food for Thought lovers out there, fret not. There is a replacement for the 8Q SAM outlet at the National Museum at Stamford Road. Fast Food for Thought is just yet another concept by the same group; a pop-up burger shack that serves gourmet fast food options. The change came about when the tenancy of the 8Q SAM outlet is reaching 2 months from its expiry, and instead of carrying on with usual operations, its owners decided to use it as an opportunity to try something new, and that’s how Fast Food for Thought was started.

Food for Thought had been known for it’s wholesome and delectable brunch items, but Fast Food for Thought serves a completely different menu from what we would expect. Regular items include fries, burgers and sides such as chicken wings and fish fingers. There are also desserts and milkshakes available too.


(Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Burger with Fries)

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Burger is just one of the few burgers they offer. This burger comes with its own salad on top of the pulled pork and a few slices of what seems to be fish(?). Unlike some places, this comes true in its flavour without any sauces marinated with the meat to beef up its flavour. They were pretty moist and easy to pull apart. Quite unfortunately though the moistness got absorb by the bread which made the bottom bun really soggy and wet. The salad was pretty fresh and refreshing but the mayo quite spoilt the pulled pork’s show by making the pork taste too similar to what seemed like tuna mayo.


(Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Burger with Fries; just the fries)

The fries can be ordered to accompany the meal for an extra $2.50, or you could also order it as an extra side with three mayo dips to choose from. I went for the one which accompanied the burger and they were just so crispy and just hot off the fryer. It was also not terrifyingly greasy and with the BBQ sauce dip that contained a little zing to it, it was just a great side to compliment the burger.

Fast Food for Thought is a place that seems more on its own, despite its connections with Food for Thought. Its differences in the menu may not appeal to all of its usual customer base, but it does give a new option to dine at. It would be good for one to at least give it a chance by visiting it at least once, and do not hesitate as it would be gone by around September. And remember; feed the trash monster after you are done with your meal there!


(Remember to feed the trash monster after having your meal!)

Click here to read about the original Food For Thought outlet that used to be located in the current premises of Fast Food For Thought.

Fast Food For Thought @ 8Q SAM
8 Queens Street
Singapore 188535

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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