Department of Caffeine – Duxton Road (Closed)

(Department of Caffeine had since ceased operations.)

Having read the reviews of this cafe that had just recently popped up at Duxton Road around two months ago, it was always in my agenda to drop by Department of Caffeine for a visit. So when my dining partner asked me if I would want to make a trip down with him, I simply could not refuse his gesture of kindness (hehe).

Department of Caffeine could have been only opened in the recent months, but it had already made its mark on the map by both coffee and brunch lovers alike. When we visited the cafe on a Sunday afternoon, it was already nearly fully occupied. We were lucky that there were still three two-seaters around.


(Flat White)

The Flat White had a nice aroma to it; it was pretty rich at the start but was also light enough in it’s body. Probably one of the better cups I ever had so far.


(Churros with Chocolate)

Much of the people there had ordered their Buttermilk Waffles, and I was dying to try it given that it was a commonly-raved dish amongst those who visited, but my dining partner had waffles somewhere else the day before and was not really keen on it. The next best choice were the Churros with Chocolate, which was indeed a great option too. The Churros were fried till crispy on the exterior but remains its fluffiness and chewiness in the interior. There was also enough cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it to ensure a sweet flavour that made it good enough to savour on its own. The chocolate sauce was a relatively sweet tasting but also somewhat bitter. It was a great dipping sauce for the churros, but since I had always liked my churros as-is, it was not really of much use to me. Finally a place that I can have Churros in Singapore as part of my meal!


(MUshroom Medley)

Since we were in a cafe that served brunch, we had to go for the brunch items despite the fact that it was already late afternoon. The Mushroom Medley was indeed a harmonious blend of sauteed mushrooms, brioche and egg. The sauteed mushrooms brought out much of the earthy flavour that made the otherwise plan brioche so savoury, and the egg had this runny yolk that looked like it was going to burst with a poke from the fork. If I could have anything for breakfast, this would be something that I would never get tired of.


(Brioche French Toast)

The Brioche French Toast was a flipside from the savoury Mushroom Medley. It was something that was seemingly on the sweeter side. Served with bananas in between, the bread gave some sort of eggy yet sweet taste from the bananas which was quite unique. The choice of using Vanilla yoghurt instead of Vanilla ice-cream was a sound one; the yoghurt was able to take off some of the sweetness from the bananas and gave it a nice sour flavour to top onto the brioche. The toasted almonds was definitely fragrant and crispy and the blueberries were pretty fresh too.


(Honey Lavender Teacake)

We decided to go for an additional order because I had seen this featured on most of the blogs that had already been there. The Honey Lavender Teacake surely did hit the expectations; the layer of honey on top provided this intense sweetness and there was also a heavy aroma from the Lavender on the cake. The cake was also light enough for an after-meal treat, though it could be a bit crumbly for some because certain parts fell off pretty easily. That being said though this cake is totally worth a try if you have made your visit there!

If you are someone who loves brunch and coffee, or someone who loves visiting cafes that are in the town area, you should definitely check Department of Caffeine out. It is definitely a great place to grab some friends along for a chill-out, though if you are looking for a quiet place to soak up a book probably it would be better to find another place to do so. Other than that, you are likely not to be disappointed if you make your way down for a visit!

For a review from my friend’s perspective, visit the corresponding article at The Urban City Explorer by clicking here.

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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  1. meds says:

    the buttermilk waffle with butter rum bananas were really good so give them a try the next time 🙂

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