Merely Ice Cream – Sunshine Plaza

The first time I walked past this little humble looking ice-cream parlour was during my visit to Strictly Pancakes when I was aimlessly walking around Sunshine Plaza while waiting for my friend. It just attracted me so much I vowed to return just to visit them, and though it did really take a little long I still finally got to make a trip down just for them for an after lunch dessert.

It is just a clean and simple looking space with white walls and wooden furniture. The fun part is that there are slips of papers with drawings and notes under the glass top of the tables which most of them are left by customers; quite a cool and fun concept where patrons can be a part of decorating the shop.

At Merely, the staff are more concerned on you getting to enjoy their ice-cream, so do not be shy if you are the sort whom want to try all the flavours before you decide.

After trying Salted Caramel, Breakfast Cereal and Bailey’s Coffee, I went with the latter two. To be really honest, the Salted Caramel flavour was not at all bad and tasted pretty well balanced, but I just cannot resist my temptation whenever I see the word Bailey’s.


(Bailey’s Coffee + Breakfast Cereal)

The Bailey’s Coffee here is one of the few of this flavour that I enjoyed thoroughly. While places that usually serve both Bailey’s and Coffee seperately are fine, places that served them combined usually have coffee overpowering Bailey’s or vice versa. I liked how the one here started with a hint of coffee, and then halfway throufh the familiar flavour of Bailey’s kicks in to provide a even weightage of each flavour. Breakfast Cereal is an even more interesting flavour from the combination of milk and cereal. The result was a nice milky sensation with a hint of cornflakes. It might seem weird, but I enjoyed the serving I had. The only small problem I had with the two flavours were that though it was not very distinctive, the ice-cream felt slightly grainy from the ingredients used; fine coffee grains in the Bailey’s Coffee and fine grinded cornflakes from the Breakfast Cereal.

After tasting Merely’s offerings, I am convinced to say that the ice-cream served here suits my preferences perfectly. The ice-cream served here have very unique flavours to themselves, some of which are very local as well. Furthermore, it is not overly sweet but yet fufilling every bit of its description in the flavour. It’s location though probably makes it seem underrated, given that it is tucked away from most of the crowd, not near any MRT stations with the most direct method being the bus and hidden in a corner of the building with low human traffic. Despite so, I guess I might develop cravings for their ice-cream soon; it is just that good …

(PS: I smelt the waffle cone when another customer was having it and it smelt really great; maybe I should give it a go next time too! Also if you intend to make a visit do like their Facebook page; they announce flavours that are available for that day from there so you know what is in stock for that particular day.)

Merely Ice-Cream
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652

Web Page:
Facebook Page:

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