J’s Wok & Grill – Blk 527 Bedok North Street 3 (Moved)

(J’s Wok & Grill had since ceased operations at Blk 527 Bedok North Street 3 and expanded with two new outlets in Bedok/Tampines. Updated addresses below.)

It is hard to find a place in Singapore that serves Chicken Corden Bleu. While I do have my own go-to place to settle my cravings for Chicken Corden Bleu, I am always on the search for more places; after all having a few more places to go for a dish surely is better than having less. After I found out that J’s Wok & Grill offera this dish, I had to check them out.

J’s Wok & Grill is a restaurant that nestles in the quiet streets of Bedok away from the bustling town centre. The furnishings are rather simple yet modern, with a coffee bar and cake counter around its cashier. It offers both western and oriental dishes, but we were told that the Oriental kitchen was closed on the day of our visit, probably due to the reservations for the Mother’s Day promotions and set meals.


(Cafe Mocha)

The Cafe Mocha here was not really good. While most mochas do not necessarily come sweet with it’s chocolate sauce, there seem to be too little chocolate sauce added. Even though its bitterness was not to the extent of those from an Espresso, it turned out to be one of the most bitter Mochas I ever had in a restaurant.


(Beef Fillet on Toast)

The Beef Fillet on Toast was a start to the food disaster. It tasted rather fine, but it was not really the dish described in the menu. Sure enough, there was melted cheese in it, but the beef fillet was more like minced beef cooked in sauce and spread on a piece of bread that was still rather soft overall despite being slightly charred on the top. We only decided to order this side as it was a chef’s recommendation, however it just does not seem worthy of its title.


(Thai Grilled Chicken)

My friend’s Thai Grilled Chicken was served as a Grilled Chicken dish with a complimenting Thai sweet chili sauce to serve with sauteed vegetables stacked underneath the chicken. According to my friend, the chicken seems to carry a distinct satay flavour with it, and the Sweet Thai chili is pretty flavourful with it’s sweetness and bursting spiciness. What was wrong with the dish was the sauteed vegetables; it was not seasoned with anything. While the corn did taste like how it should be, the cauliflower was bland and watery, while the carrot was crunchy and tasteless. The potatoes did taste a fair bit, but was still quite plain.


(Chicken Corden Bleu)

The main star (for me at least) was the Chicken Corden Bleu, but it was another big dissapointment looming. It looked promising until I made the first cut and there was absolutely no cheese oozing out of the chicken breast. A Chicken Corden Bleu should not be called a Chicken Corden Bleu if it is just a deep-fried rolled chicken breast with little amounts of cheese. There was no ham in sight, and the cheese did appear in some parts of the rolled chicken breast but barely tasted there and was absent in the rest of the dish.


(Chicken Corden Bleu; cut open)

For a Chicken Corden Bleu lover, it just severely lacked the excitement of getting that flowy and stringy cheese upon cutting the fried chicken breast, and the variation of flavours provided by the chicken, ham and cheese was definitely missing. The chicken was not very tender as well, which did not improve the impression of the dish. What improved the impression of the dish however was the tasty mushroom sauce which had lots of mushroom in it and was very fragrant, and the coleslaw was pretty cold which was nice.

J’s Wok & Grill might have some popularity with some customers, however it’s food quality does not seem worth the price as there are certainly choices that are more value-for-money that are out there. However, if you do have muslim friends with you and you would like to avoid commercial restaurants that often show up in shopping malls, J’s Wok & Grill could be a place to consider as they are halal, though personally I would probably choose commercial restaurants over it for consistency in food quality.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, please visit The Urban City Explorer for the corresponding article by clicking here.

J’s Wok & Grill (Bedok)
Blk 219 Bedok Central
Singapore 460219

J’s Wok & Grill (Tampines)
NTUC Income Tampines Junction
300 Tampines Ave 5
Singapore 529693

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Jswokngrill/


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