Milk & Honey Gelato – Blk 86 Bedok North Street 4

Visiting Milk & Honey Gelato had been on my mind for quite a while now, but I kept pushing it back as some people told me it was not worth purposely visiting. Since I was at Blk 85 for food, why not go down for a try since they are in the viccinity?

Turns out, Milk & Honey is neighbours with Choc-A-Bloc, which makes them surprisingly easy to find since both of them are behind the Blk 85 market. All along, I was under the impression that they had quite a big shop space, so I was taken aback when I saw it having a halved shop space with two foldable tables and two chairs each for interior seatings and another three foldable tables with four chairs for al-fresco.

Pretty much like Mischief<3Us, the gelato here is categorised into three grades; Bumble, Honey and Queen. I got myself two flavours from the Honey category, which cost $6.


(Salty Malty + The Irish Latte)

The Irish Latte is supposed to be a gelato version of Irish Coffee. There were some coffee beans that were in the gelato that helped made the gelato pretty deep in flavour. It was also rich in the latte side, however I really cannot detect anything that was Irish within it as it was severely lacking in the alcoholic taste. The Salty Malty is Horlicks with sea salt. As odd as the combination sounds, it is really more addictive than salted caramel. This flavour essentially tastes like salted caramel at the start, but ends off with a hint of Horlicks. I would seriously recommend this flavour if anyone asked me which flavour to get from Milk & Honey.

Personally, I feel that Milk & Honey Gelato is a place that is pretty much of a hit and miss location for gelato. The quality of the gelato varies from flavour to flavour; certain ones like the Salty Malty are pretty flavourful and delectable, whereas some such as The Irish Latte has it's own shortcomings. It is not as bad as how some people had labelled it, but if you ever visit this place, bear in mind that the choice of flavour here plays a very important part, and don't set high expectations as the taste may differ greatly from flavour to flavour.

Milk & Honey Gelato
Blk 86 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460086

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