Restaurant Hoshigaoka – Woodlands Civic Centre

Since we were got a bit hungry after travelling from City Hall all the way back home, we made an unintended stopover at Restaurant Hoshigaoka, a restaurant under the JP Pepperdine group, for Mother’s Day dinner before heading back home.


(Una Don)

The Una Don, which is the most expensive Donburi in their menu is Unagi with preserved vegetables on rice. The Unagi was sweetly marinated and covered in sauce, though I thought it was in fact too sweet to the extent that the taste of Unagi was being overwhelmed by the sweet sauce. Nothing else to say on the rice and preserved vegetables though.



Mom and I were not very hungry, so we decided to get a Katsuni with Japanese Steamed Rice to share. Katsuni is pretty similar to Katsu Don or Oyako Don; cooked in the same broth with Pork Katsu and egg. The broth was just sweet and a bit saltish which was flavourful and the egg was mixed into the broth nicely. The Pork Katsu was crispy, but I thought the batter seemed a bit too floury and the pork was sadly quite undercooked for some pieces; it looked strangely pink and it gave quite a rubbery texture when chewed. While the broth was very tasty, the way the pork was cooked made the dish a disappointing to have.


(Seafood Fry)

The Seafood Fry felt like a very costly dish. For $14.90++ you get two Calamari Rings, two Ebi Fry and one fried fish fillet with a salad. They were breaded and fried which gave them a crispy texture but there was nothing to wow about the taste of the food. Appreciated the fact that they had placed the salad there though; it gave a refreshing taste after having a plate of deep-fried dishes.

With Sushi costing around $3 to $4 per piece, Restaurant Hoshigaoka might seemed to have marketed themselves as a higher-end Japanese restaurant within the food industry. However, the quality of the food is not worthy of being in the price range, which is also one of the reasons why some people are not attracted to the brand name. Until they lower their price ranges or improve the taste and quality of their food, I guess I would give it a miss next time.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka
Woodlands Civic Centre
900 South Woodlands Drive
Singapore 730900

Telephone: +65 6363 2315

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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