4 Fingers Crispy Chicken – Plaza Singapura (Moved)

(4 Fingers Crispy Chicken has moved from its old unit in Plaza Singapura to another unit within the mall. Updated address is reflected at the bottom of this post)

Plaza Singapura is starting to get flooded with some great foodie haunts ever since the new extended wing had opened, however things are also getting interesting with new eateries opening up in the old wing.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is the newest tenant of Plaza Singapura after Tim Ho Wan. While the queues may not be aa mad as Tim Ho Wan’s, one cannot simple deny the popularity of 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken; it was only opened on 24th May and already the queues are forming up just like the ION Orchard outlet. So what is the hype really about?

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is a local franchised outlet of Korea’s Bonchon Chicken, which has their own outlet at Bugis+. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken sells the speciality that shares the same name as the shop, as well as seafood items, burgers and even rice sets.


(Katsu Chicken Sandwich)

Katsu Chicken Sandwich is in fact a set that comes with two cute looking burgers and fries. There is a choice of Kimchi or Seaweed fries so we went with the Kimchi ones with this set. The buns of the sandwich were deep fried, and they were just crusty yet fluffy. The thing that I dread most about deep fried buns are that they are insanely oily, but these ones barely oozed out oil when pinched. There was some salad dressing on the vegetables and it definitely gave the burger a fresh and refreshing taste from the fried buns and chicken patty, but the chicken patty was not exactly tasty as most of the taste came from the slightly spicy dressing. It was however tender and fresh though. The fries were great alone; not oily and crispy with a great amount of potato in them. The downside was really the kimchi powder which did give it a slight spicy kick but it just left with an aftertaste of MSG.


(Calamari & Shrimp; well … without the shrimp)

This was originally the Calamari and Shrimp set but there was no shrimp that day and we got it with just the Calamari. These were very crispy on the outside and easy to chew with some bounciness too. The Soy Garlic sauce we chose to have it in was definitely nice as it gave it a bit of saltiness that it needed, which I ended up dipping the fries in as well. We went for Seaweed Fries (not pictured) and they were so much nicer than the Kimchi Fries as the fries were beautifully seasoned with more natural tasting ingredients and did not leave the nasty aftertaste that the Kimchi Fries had.


(4 Fingers Crispy Chicken)

The speciality of the stall is worth mentioning. They came as 3 wings and 3 drumlets and had either Soy Garlic or Spicy sauces that it came in, though there is an option to mix. The chicken was definitely crispy and tender and the sauce definitely provided it a distinct flavour that does not make it taste like any typical fried chicken from any fast food joint. The spicy variant was fine with me but my friend found it a bit too spicy to him.

Overall the food here taste great and very unique to the stall, something that actually gave it an extra edge as there would be “the thing” that would drive people to them just to solve their cravings of their chicken. Price wise at $9.95 for most sets it is also quite affordable as fast food, although it was not particularly filling. What sets it back is the service and the lack of seating; there is only one counter and queues are snaking out of the store, and it does not really help when there are clueless customers who do not know what they want or start discussing to make decisions on what they want right and the counter holding back the line. There is also lack of seats as their outlets are often fully filled and it kind of deters potential customers because they simply cannot find any seats to settle before they order. If you are in search of Korean fried chicken, or if you do want to taste fried chicken in a different light this is really the place to check out!

For a review from my friend’s perspective, visit The Urban City Explorer by clicking here.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
Plaza Singapura
#01-32 #B1-07
Singapore 238839

Web Page: http://www.gimme4fingers.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gimme4fingers


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