Grazie – Serangoon Gardens Food Centre (Moved)

(Grazie had since moved to their own shop space at Whampoa West; read about the new location of Grazie on jiaksimipng here.)

I always thought that Serangoon residents are very lucky for the fact that Serangoon Gardens is so near and accessible to them. A place that is very rich and varied in terms of food,and a place that is pretty unique to itself in Singapore; there really ain’t other place like this that exists in Singapore anymore, with the only other possible contender being Holland Village.

The restaurants and cafes in the shophouses within Serangoon Gardens may be tantalizing, but there is also a true hidden gem that is within the cooked food centre as well. Grazie, a stall residing in the cooked food centre has won many accolades and awards over the years along with newspaper reviews for their offerings of affordable homecooked Italian cuisine in the neighbourhood.

As I stood in front of the stall, Chef Sandy was quick to take my orders. She asked me if I had tasted their Cream Pepper and also informed me that my Mushroom Cream Pepper Penne was going to be slightly spicy. Then she asked if I could take it. I told her I could.


(Mushroom Cream Pepper Penne)

It took a few moments and my order was ready. Presented to me was the Mushroom Cream Pepper Penne. True to it’s name, you could see that it was cream sauce, with lots of pepper that made it brown. It was definitely fragrant when it came to the table, but you could also get an impression that it was not going to be an average plate of pasta. The pepper gave the sauce a real spicy kick in the way of peppery spiciness, and gave it a slight hint of saltiness which really enhanced the flavour. The mushrooms were also fresh and gave a very earthy flavour to the dish, complimenting the sauce completely. While I found the level of spiciness to be fine, people whom dislike pepper or cannot take spiciness should abstain from ordering this dish.


(Truffles Fries)

It is rare chance to find Truffle Fries in a hawker centre; it is also rare to find them on sale for $4, so I decided to get them too since I had never have truffle fries before, ever. There was a generous serving of truffle and now I finally understood why are everyone on this planet whom had them are raving about it. The flavour of truffles just makes fries so addicting; I can’t describe the taste in words but trust me, once you had them the taste would just get stuck in your memory and you can’t get enough of it.

While many people go for traditional dishes in hawker centres, it is stalls like Grazie that makes a difference between the traditional western stalls and the modern day ones, and this brings variety to the diners to choose from. Grazie has definitely suceeded in bringing it’s uniqueness to the masses; if you are into affordable Italian cuisine that is cooked with a bit of love and feels homecooked in every single bit, this would be the right place to go to.

Serangoon Gardens Food Centre Stall 1
49A Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555945

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