Le Cuisson – Blk 40 Holland Drive (Closed)

(Le Cuisson and La Cuisson have both ceased operations.)

We have seen good western stalls in coffee shops and great Italian fare in hawker centres that are all reasonably prices even in where they are located, but what about proper french fare located in the hearts of the neighbourhood in a coffee shop?

Le Cuisson is a stall that is just the description above; the stall front is just modest as it seems, the owner had been featured on TV and the stall being reviewed by countless of blogs with raving reviews. With such achievements, it is definitely a hidden gem that is alluring to check out if one has not done it. Tucked away in a corner of the coffee shop, it is definitely not eye-catching, but it definitely would be somewhere you would not miss if your sole purpose of being there is just for them.

This place sells a variety of items from salads to appetisers and entrees. I am not a great lover of salads, and the only other appetiser left was the Duck Rillette which I found out at Saveur, was not my sort of thing. Instead, my friend and I just went straight into the entrees.


(Pot Roast Chicken)

I ordered Pot Roast Chicken. Described om the menu as a chicken leg with onions and garlic with rich butter sauce and bread, this dish left me completely impressed. The Pot Roast Chicken was completely succulent and the meat came off from the bones easily, and the aroma of roasted chicken worked so perfectly in the mouth along with the gravy of onions, butter and garlic which gave it a sort of saltiness that made the dish really savoury. The bread was toasted and crispy, and when dipped in gravy is simply heavenly. If only the gravy was just a soup and there was free-flow of bread to compliment it; I guess that would have been the best thing ever!


(Lamb Sausage Pasta)

My friend’s Lamb Sausage Pasta was cooked in Tomato Cream Sauce. It smelt very fragrant with a peppery scent when it came which was just so great it really left an impression. I never had a pinch of the noodles nor the sauce, but I got to try out Lamb Sausage. It did carry the taste of the meat which is somewhat like beef but slightly different, while the texture is a bit lup cheong (or otherwise known as Chinese Sausages). My friend was singing praises of it while he was eating, which I guess the dish must have left quite a memorable impression too.

A lot of people might judge stalls based on prices when it comes to coffeeshop or hawker centre fare. While certain stalls do seem overpriced for what they charge and what they actually do serve, Le Cuisson could be steep on its price range at a coffeeshop, but the quality of food was not compromised and worth every single penny you pay. What you do get at the end of the day is a great tasting meal with a satisfied tummy. Put it in this way; this place is just so good that you should just come all the way down to Buona Vista just to try them out; it is just that seriously good.

(PS: For those who are sincerely wanting to try them out but hadn’t been there yet, visit them as soon as possible as this month (May) would be their last month in operations at Holland Drive before moving to another location. The new location would be updated in this blog post as soon as information about it is made available.)

Le Cuisson
HD40 Food House
Blk 40 Holland Drive
Singapore 270040

La Cuisson
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LaCuisson


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