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Ever since I had visited Yellow Submarines for the first time, I had been dying to go back to them just to have their food again. My friends had since heard enough of my ravings of the place too, and decided they should also go down and try it for themselves, so I decided to make my second visit there with 2 other friends to try out their burgers and allow my friends to judge for themselves whether it was worth the visit to them.


(Twin Strike)

Having tried the Yellow Submarines Classic the previous time, I decided to go for their burgers. The Twin Strike is what I would dub as “fun-sized” burgers because they were so tiny! Just look at the comparison of it’s size with my hand:


As the name suggests, this burger comes in twos; very much like the BK Shots that Burger King offers. Inside each of these mini-sized burgers is just a chicken patty with ketchup; nothing more and nothing less. It may appear as plain or uninteresting to some, but I find this a very simplistic and fun burger; particularly a good one to order if you are just looking for a bite or if you have kids who do not eat a lot. It is simple, unpretentious and easy to eat. No extra condiments nor a confusing mix of flavours; just chicken, bread and ketchup combined.

(Single Hit)

If a simple burger like the Twin Strike is not the type of burger that satisfy you, you will be glad that there is another burger offering (which is also the only other burger option in the menu) which is the Single Hit. Single Hit is a beef burger, with condiments such as tomato, vegetable and cheese sauce (the same as the Torpedo Fries). My friend liked it. I never had a bite of it the beef patty looks juicy and nicely grilled; definitely worth a try on my next visit.

The other friend ordered the Yellow Submarine Classic. I had not taken photos of his order this time round as it looks largely similar to the one that I had during my first visit except neater. Just like the one I had, there were caramalised onions and lots of cheesy goodness in it. I am glad for one thing though; ever since my last visit where I commented that the beef was slightly tough and hard to chew, they had made improvements in their recipe and made it better in its texture. While I tried the slice of beef without the bread or anything (I just tried from a piece that dropped when my friend ate it), I reckon that the Yellow Submarine Classic would have tasted pretty outstanding now. My friend loved it totally, and he was pretty impressed by it too!


(Torpedo Fries)

No one should ever have claimed that they had really tried Yellow Submarines without having their Torpedo Fries! It comes with every set meal ordered. I had a pretty good impression of it from my first visit, and I am still falling in love with it on my second; the gooey cheesy goodness is really out of this world with the generous amount of cheese sauce given and got all of us addicted to it almost immediately! Definitely worth wasting some calories for!


(N.Y. Cheese Hunt)

I missed out on desserts on my previous visit, so I decided to give the N.Y. Cheese Hunt a try. For those who wonder what it is, it is a cheesecake served in a rectangular bar. While it looked attractive when wrapped, it is as attractive as it is when you open it up. For $2.80, it is hard for someone to get a cheesecake that is not of the Japanese type of Light Cheesecake that is all fluffy with a cake-like texture. The one here at Yellow Submarines is spectacular for one being served in a fast food restaurant. It is very smooth and creamy and tasted of what is very typical of a decent New York Cheesecake you might get in cafes, just smaller, though the underlying crust is slightly thin and not particularly crunchy. Given that this is being sold at $2.80 at a fast food restaurant though, it is already of a very high quality and pretty much worth ordering.


(Frozen Cannon – Raspberry)

If cakes don’t suit your fancy and you are in search of an ice-cream treat, you would be happy to find that the Frozen Cannon is actually ice-cream served between a sliced circular bun. It comes in two flavours, Raspberry Ice-Cream or Chocolate Ice-Cream. The bun is reminiscent to the one found in the Twin Strikes burger. This dessert tastes rather similar to what street ice-cream vendors with motorbikes would serve; ice-cream with a slice of bread. I initially saw photos of it and thought that it was ice-cream served between a biscuit that is typically served at Texas Chicken or Popeye’s which ended up a bit far from reality. Nonetheless, it does make a very fulfilling after-meal dessert.

Having tried Yellow Submarines for themselves, my friends loved the food that is being served here and were pretty impressed by the environment and how the food tasted. As a patron who had returned for a second meal, I must say that I am still wow-ed, especially for the Torpedo Fries and the improvement in the texture of the beef in the Yellow Submarines Classic. The food here had also proved to be consistent and the second round still tasted as great as the first visit I made. While I still love my other more commercial and international fast food chains, Yellow Submarines have proved worthy of having a spot to share along with them in my heart at the very least, and I would definitely return for more in the future!

(Update: Yellow Submarines is now halal-certified! Another option for our Muslim friends to go to!)

Yellow Submarines
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310177

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