Alfero Gelato (Part 2) – Blk 81 MacPherson Lane

Click here for my first visit to Alfero Gelato at the Marina Square outlet

One would never expect a trendy gelato store to open in a mature and aging neighbourhood, so imagine the shock when we found out that there was an Alfero Gelato right at the block we were having lunch to satisfy my friend’s craving for ice-cream.


(Bacio & Snow White)

Remembering my first visit to Alfero Gelato the Marina Square, we skipped the waffles for a cheaper (and safer) double scoop cup. Went for Bacio and Snow White (again; refer to first part for more info). The Bacio is made of hazelnuts and chocolate and it tastes pretty similar to Ferrero Rocher and is just simply delectable.

One thing to note though; previously as many of you might have seen, I got served a rectangular waffle at their outlet in Marina Square. I noticed that the outlet in MacPherson serves round ones instead. I wonder if there are differences in the quality of the waffles as such? Maybe it’s worth to try out in another visit …

For a review of the same item from my friend’s perspective, please visit the corresponding post at The Urban City Explorer here.

Alfero Artisan Gelato
Blk 81 MacPherson Lane
Singapore 360081

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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