The Daily Scoop – Chip Bee Gardens

The Daily Scoop had always been a place that I long wanted to visit, but I had never got the luck to find the Sunset Way outlet after countless of scouting trips. So one fine day when I decided to explore Chip Bee Gardens I was stumped upon finding an outlet right there and instantly went there for a sweet treat in case I would miss it again.

The outlet at Chip Bee Gardens seem to be quite quiet, but I visited them at an odd hour near 2pm where most people should still be finishing off their lunches in the other eateries. There were only 3 groups of people there on my visit; myself, a group of four and a group of two who were taking away some ice-cream and coffee. I decided to go for a double scoop cup, basing a flavour on my own intuition and the other by what most people ordered.


(Xtra Stout + OKayalah)

My mind went with OKayalah flavour while I noticed that most people went for Xtra Stout, so I went with that too. The Xtra Stout ice-cream was pretty much stout-ty and had a very strong alcoholic taste to it, which is why they have placed a warning sign stated it is alcoholic and not suitable for children. While I am not a person who likes stout, I find the flavour quite acceptable if you are not going to have it in great amounts, which is pretty fine. From a more professional point of view, it really was rather rich and tasted very much like it’s intention without going too easy on being light. The OKayalah is essentially a Kaya flavoured ice-cream, something that is very local yet not common in ice-cream parlours. I particularly liked how eggy and coconut-y it was, very much like your typical kaya spread even with it’s texture. I can seriously imagine having a slab this with bread as if it was bought from the man who sells his ice-cream on motorbikes, and it would totally taste like kaya bread!

The ice-cream at The Daily Scoop are one of the more innovative ones that I had seen through my countless visits to ice-cream parlours in the few months. The flavours offered are both close to our hearts and are enhancements of flavours that could be commonly found, such as Honey Vanilla. The ice-cream are also reasonably priced like most locally-established ice-cream parlours and the quality speaks for itself. However, if you are one whom enjoys lighter tasting ice-cream, this place might not be for you as their ice-cream are very heavy on their flavours.

For my second visit to The Daily Scoop at Chip Bee Gardens, click here.

The Daily Scoop
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115

Web Page:


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