PS Bistro & Bakery – Blk 82 MacPherson Lane (Closed)

(PS Bistro & Bakery had since ceased operations.)

If you are hoping to read about the P.S. Cafe in Paragon, Dempsey or Millenia Singapore, this post is not about them, but a similarly named Bistro that is hidden in the eastern side of Singapore.

PS Bistro & Bakery seems to be a familiar name to residents in the area; the outlet seems full with many of the patrons knowing the owners themselves. It is hidden in the MacPherson estate, and it’s simple decor just reveals it as a humble bistro that is run by a couple themselves.

Pasta, baked rice and western dishes are served here, along with desserts, sides and coffee. Prices are very low and affordable; one can easily get a set meal with a main, drink and soup at less than $10, a price that is rare even in today’s neighbourhood cafe standards.


(Mushroom Soup)

The mushroom soup comes in two sizes, small or large, depending on which set you choose. The large soup comes with the premium set. You get 3 choices of soup, and we both had Mushroom Soup. It was not particularly special but it just had all the elements of how a decent mushroom soup would taste like.


(Cheese Galore)

The Cheese Galore is melted cheese on top of Ciabatta toast. The buns were toasted and were very crispy on it’s skin and slightly fluffy in the inside, while the cheese is just nicely melted being chewy. It is one of the items that is just so addictive to have and it certainly deserves to be one of the niche dishes of the bistro!


(Chicken Chop)

The Chicken Chop comes with a choice of mashed potatoes or fried rice. The chicken was a tad dissapointing because it felt a bit hard and wasn’t particularly fragrant. It also looks slightly mushy and watery and not particularly appealing as well. Thankfully there was some black pepper sauce to compliment if though.


(Mashed Potatoes from Chicken Chop)

The mashed potatoes I opted for the Chicken Chop saved the entire dish though. The mashed potatoes were presented in a style that looked more like a Shepherd’s Pie and tasted really similar as well; a bit creamy yet with well mashed potatoes. It was one of the dishes that left an impression, and truly enjoyable though it was not the main dish.


(Chicken Baked Rice)

The Chicken Baked Rice was pretty unique in it’s flavour as they had used a saucs underneath the layer of cheese and hence made the dish specially theirs. The cheese also covered the rice nicely and was rather chewy. Would prefer this over the Chicken Chop anytime!

PS Bistro & Bakery might have a few hits and misses with their food, but for the budget conscious, it’s low prices is definitely an attraction for a visit. Food quality is definitely worth the price, but do not expect restaurant-grade food here. This place is a place for home-feel food cooked with a sprinkle of love, which gives it a cosy feeling.

For a review of the same items from my friend’s perspective, please visit the corresponding post at The Urban City Explorer here.

PS Bistro & Bakery
Blk 82 MacPherson Lane
Singapore 360082

Web Page:


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