Maccha House – Orchard Central

With the health benefits of green tea spreading around globally, green tea or maccha speciality shops have started opening their outlets in Singapore.

Maccha House was one of the maccha speciality stores that opened in not-so-distant past. Situated at Orchard Central, it takes up quite a huge space at Basement 1 with loads of seating and ample space to walk about. It mainly sells maccha-themed desserts, drinks and sweets, but do sell ramen and rice bowls too.


(Maccha Latte)

The Maccha Latte was prepared like a usual latte, only replacing coffee with Maccha. It tasted pretty much like a very strong green tea with a dash of milk added, though there was really too much green tea powder used that made it felt very gritty and stuck on the throat. The vanilla ice-cream used on the Maccha Latte here is a replacement for a Maccha-flavoured ice-cream which was sadly unavailable that day.


(Spicy Pork Rice with Soft-Boiled Egg)

The Spicy Pork Rice with Soft-Boiled Egg is one of a few rice sets you can get there. The pork is basically stir-fried in spicy sauce and placed on top of rice with a soft-boiled egg. While the soft-boiled egg is runny and pretty well executed, the pork was not amazing. The spicy sauce was fine, but each slice of pork had bones in them which ruined the meal experience overall. The oiliness of the spicy sauce also prevails when you are at the bottom of the bowl of rice where the rice is just coated with a layer of oil from the spicy sauce.

While we do know the benefits of having green tea, Maccha House’s food does not seem to impress. For one, the quality is not convincing enough for me to return as even sushi places can offer better (free-flow) plain-jane green tea, not to mention about the mains which was more dissapointing which is just bad for a place that specialises in Maccha. More over, most of the menu items are unavailable; during my visit the Sweets, Dorayaki and Parfaits (along with beverages containing soft-serve) were unavailable, which really left a bad impression overall. There are other options at Orchard Central to choose from, and Maccha House has a lot to be done to be on par with other eateries within it’s vicinity in the mall so as to entice their customers to visit them again.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, please visit the corresponding post at The Urban City Explorer here.

Maccha House
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

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