Owl Cafe – The Star Vista (Closed)

The Star Vista is really a the place for foodies with so many fresh and new food outlets situated at a common place. One of the places that is unique to the mall is the Owl Cafe.

Owl is probably better known for instant coffee mixes than running a cafe on their own. The boutique cafe at The Star Vista is set up to showcase it’s specialty in coffee and to push the brand’s image further. Other than coffee, they serve other Straits-Asian inspired dishes for mains, desserts and even starters. Their decor also sticks heavily to the theme; all wooden furnishings and rustic looking metal chairs with a wooden al-fresco dining area right beside the MRT tracks from Buona Vista MRT Station, its location gives it a slightly different feeling from dining in other restaurants situated in malls.


(Iced Kopi)

At Owl Cafe, never give the coffee a miss; especially since it is a brand established on the specialty of coffee, it would be missing the entire point on visiting if coffee is not ordered. Iced Kopi might sound like a simple beverage to start off, but many places often do it too sweet or too bland. The one at Owl Cafe is well blended, the milk is enough to sweeten the bitterness of coffee but does not make the entire beverage too sweet, and the coffee is just strong enough to bring out it’s bitter taste that isn’t overpowering.


(Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning)

Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning is a real unique dish served here. I had not really seen it anywhere else before. Nasi Kuning is the yellow rice that comes with the chicken while the sauce is some sort of assam-ish type of sauce. The Chicken cutlet is a regular chicken cutlet complimented with mango, cucumber and some red peppers, but it was quite crispy. The Nasi Kuning was not very strong in it’s flavour and was fragrant in it’s light taste. Both were well paired up when you just smother the Assam sauce on them; it just adds a slight sour kick to the chicken and rice and gives the dish it’s unique taste that you would simply just want more assam sauce for it!


(Cheesy Ayam Cutlet)

Cheesy Ayam Cutlet is probably the nearest thing to a Chicken Kiev or Chicken Corden Bleu; just without the ham. Another breaded and fried chicken cutlet, it is stuffed with cheese and the cheese is just so gooey it’s a delight to have! Of course I would preferred to have a slice of ham and call it a real plate of Chicken Corden Bleu; but heck, it’s even find a dish similar to that and this one is just what I have been looking for. The fries are lightly salted and feels healthier, while retaining it’s crisp on the outside and the fluffiness in the inside. Nothing much to say about the salad though other than it being quite fresh.


(Fish & Chips)

Fish & Chips was another fried dish served with salad and fries. They used the breaded batter for their Fish & Chips here, which is not really authentic if you are comparing to the traditional British ones. The fish was rather fresh and wasn’t very fishy in it’s taste and it’s pretty crispy on the outside. The downside was that the fish was rather thin and hence there was not really much fish to taste in this one. The tartar sauce that came with it was splendid nonetheless, being more eggy in taste.


(Creme Brulee)

Creme Brulee is one of my favourite items here. The hardened layer of burnt sugar gave it an interesting crispy texture while the Creme Brulee is still soft on it’s inside. The taste of bitter burnt sugar and eggy puddings just works magic in the mouth!


(Durian Pengat)

The Durian Pengat came in fours; something we did not know when we made our order. We got quite a shock when it arrived because we thought it was just going to be single serving good enough for one. Each Durian Pengat came with it’s own biscotti and it’s pretty delectable though the taste of durian would definitely overpower it. The Durian Penget here feels authentic and not too overly processed. You could feel the texture of durian fibres in them, and it’s not overly sweet but slightly bitter; how some durians would taste like.

So who says Owl Cafe is just a place for coffee? After a meal there I am convinced that their food is just as great as their beverages. The dishes felt like they had been researched and fine-tuned before being placed in the menu, and that presentation had also been thought of in the R&D process. If anything, probably I would come here more for the desserts than the mains; the mains might have been unique and spectacular in its own ways, but I find the desserts more impressive. And did I mention that you could grab a pack of instant coffee right off the shelves after your meal?

Owl Cafe
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-10 & 11
Singapore 138617

Telephone: +65 6694 3537

Web Page: http://www.owlcafe.com.sg/


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