Eighteen Chefs – Cathay Cineleusure

Eighteen Chef’s might have closed down it’s outlet in East Point due to East Point’s renovation, but to make up the loss of an outlet, they had opened a new outlet in Cathay Cineleisure at Level 4.

The owner of Eighteen Chefs, Benny See was an ex-convict whom had been in and out of prison several times, but having been through several life experiences, he had since repented from his old ways and opened Eighteen Chefs, a place that was created to give ex-convicts a new lease of life by allowing them an opportunity to work and equip them with a relevant set of skills to help them get through with a new life.

The newest branch of Eighteen Chefs provides an environment suitable for teenagers and group gatherings; with all the popular pop music that is playing in the background and the hip and trendy furnishings, it is definitely attracting a lot of attention with teens hanging out in the Orchard area or even those whom had just finished watching a movie within Cineleisure. When we arrived for dinner at near 8pm on a Saturday evening, there was a huge crowd queueing up waiting to be seated, and a lot of other people who were walking past also took notice of the restaurant. While we were waiting for seats, we were asked to read the menu and write our orders on the order chit while given a seat with a smaller table to wait for our table. Once we got our table, we had to proceed to the counter with the order chit to make payment before waiting for food to get served.


(Banana Kick)

Banana Kick is pretty similar to banana milkshake, but with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it. It was stated so it the menu, but however I thought there was going to be a scoop of ice-cream sitting on top of the drink instead of mixed into drink. It did however provide an interesting combination of vanilla and banana flavours which made it simply rich and fragrant.


(Calamari Rings)

The Calamari Rings was beyond average; the light batter provided some crispiness while not seemingly too crunchy or hard. The calamari was also quite bouncy and felt pretty good in it’s texture.


(Pasta with Red White Sauce, Chicken Slices and Mushroom)

There were many items on the menu; some oriental while some are western. One of my friends and I decided to go for Build-Your-Own-Pasta, where one would be require to make a choice between the type of pasta/baked pasta/baked rice they prefer, along with the sauces and condiments that goes along with it. I went along with Pasta with Red White Sauce, Chicken Slices and Mushroom, which was a classic combination. The Red White sauce provided a sour tang from the tomato. The chicken slices felt pretty damp and the mushrooms tasted like canned button mushrooms which was a bit of a letdown.


(Pasta with Tangy Tomato Sauce with Sausage and Beef)

My friend’s order was Pasta with Tangy Tomato Sauce with Sausage and Beef. He did commented that the tomato sauce was slightly sweet, but was a bit disappointed when there were only three sausages. He found his pasta not particularly bad, but rather average at its best.


(Fish & Chips)

The other friend ordered Fish & Chips. According to how it was written in the menu, it was fried with a root beer batter, and that really shows when you have a bite of the fried fish. The familiar flavour of root beer just spreads in your mouth as you bite into the fish; it was a pretty unique flavour combined with the fish, though it seemed a tad adventurous to me and did not really suit my taste buds even if it was really outstanding compared to my pasta. The fries served with this dish seemed a bit too healthy somehow; would like it to be slightly salted as compared to being served as it is from the fryer without any seasoning.

While the food at Eighteen Chefs is not to say that great to be raved about, it does its part in Corporate Social Responsibility by giving ex-convicts a chance to live their life anew again which is definitely a cause worth supporting. I personally would recommend for people to skip the Build-Your-Own-Pasta if you are keen on a visit; the a-la carte menu items on this menu are definitely more worth a try as they are way better than the self-designed pasta/baked pasta/baked rice. And for muslim friends, it is also a place to visit because this is also another Halal-certified establishment! I would like to visit them another time just for dessert though; the Banana Explosion in a Jar definitely sounded interesting and worth coming down for.

For a review from my friend’s perspective, visit the corresponding article on The Urban City Explorer by clicking here.

Eighteen Chefs
Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Rd
Singapore 239695

Web Page: http://www.eighteenchefs.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eighteen-Chefs/172058965025


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