Burger Shack – King’s Arcade (Revamped)

(This establishment has been revamped and now named as Little Hiro Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ & Grill. Read more about the revamped establishment by clicking here.)

Those who have studied in schools around the Bukit Timah/Clementi academic belt might find the name “Burger Shack” familiar. Opened by the same guys who brought us Island Creamery, Burger Shack, as its name suggest is one of their ventures that concentrates on burgers. It’s location could be easily missed if you are not really paying attention to the surroundings, but the big signage right outside facing the main road aids in your attempt to locate them. Just like many other students whom have studied around the area, I used to visit them on a weekly basis with my friends, and since I had been there so regularly, I thought it would be nice to return and write about them here.

Burgers may be the main item that they sell, but that’s not it; this place offers other items such as Pasta and mains such as Sirloin Steak and Chicken Chop as well. Another unique concept adopted here is that you are able to trade your burger buns for Garlic Butter Rice at no additional costs; good for those whom dislike bread I suppose? Apart from those, additional condiments can also be added at a certain cost depending on the condiment chosen as well. You can also opt for a meal at $3.50 ($2.70 for students) for drinks and fries or/and double patty at $2.50.

This place had been through a few menu revamps, and the latest revamp got some burgers and drinks off the menu, with some new burger, pasta and sides being added into the menu.


(Flame-grilled Chicken with added Bacon and Sauteed Mushrooms)

One dish that we frequently ordered is the Flame-Griled Chicken. For this Flame-Griled Chicken here, I have replaced the Cuban Corn with more vegetables (hence the onions and tomatos) and added bacon and sauteed mushrooms. The meat had been marinated, which gave it a unique flavour that other places do not have. Furthermore, it was juicy and tender, though it could sometimes get a wee bit oily. The bacon here isn’t particularly crispy, so it would satisfy the palette for those whom enjoy the chewier type. The sauteed mushrooms here are quite flavourful too. Before the menu revamp, the dish is being served with Black Pepper sauce on the side, just like in this photo. The menu revamp saw the Black Pepper sauce gone in favour for Salsa sauce, which tasted rather similar to the Salsa that Carl’s Junior serve in it’s Salsa Bar. Overall, I found the Salsa sauce a better compliment for the chicken as it provided a nice tangy flavour to the chicken when dipped, rather than a strong and overwhelming black pepper taste that attempted to cover off the marination of the meat.


(Ramli Burger Student Meal with added Sauteed Mushrooms)

If you are into authentic Ramli burgers, this might not appeal to you. The sauteed mushrooms seen in this burger is an add-on that I opted for. This burger, unlike actual Ramli burgers do not wrap the egg around the patty but rather just inserts the pan-fried egg into the burger on a layer of it’s own. I was fine with how the burger tasted, but I guess in order to enjoy this one you might have to rid off the impressions of how an original Ramli burger should have been, and it would be a decent burger to have. One issue that I have with all the burgers here though is the bun; it just feels a tad too thick and dense and seems to be able to fill one up pretty quickly. Besides that, the bun unlike other places are just served as-is; no grilling nor any spread. It just felt less interesting than the bread in burgers that other burger specialty shop would sell.


(BBQ Pulled Pork Hamburg-Rice Student Meals)

For those people who are craving for Pork burgers, they do have the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger on the menu. This one here has the buns switched to Garlic Butter Rice (also known as the Hamburg Rice), which in my opinion is a better option. The rice is fragrant from the garlic, and the butter when melted, adds a tinge of saltiness into the rice which is just tasty. The Pulled Pork was delectable, though slightly on the dry side. The fries here are not to be missed; the garlic-flavoured fries just don’t taste like your regular fries from McDonald’s, and the cajun seasoning makes it slightly spicy which adds a kick in it’s flavour. They are also crispy and retains the crispiness for a while even though they are cooled down.


(Balik Kampung Chicken Hamburg Rice with Sauteed Mushrooms, Bacon and Fries)

The Balik Kampung Chicken is another new item in the menu. Like the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger, I opted for the Hamburg Rice option and added sauteed mushroom and bacon and upgraded it to a set with fries. This “burger” consists of onions, chicken and chili that’s pretty similar to sambal chili. The chicken is battered and fried, but didn’t lose the juiciness and tenderness that some fried chicken lacked. The sambal chili gave it a very local taste and gave it a slightly spicy kick for the chicken patty which would seem dull and not “kampung” enough without it.


(Tokyo Mentaiko Pasta)

The Tokyo Mentaiko Pasta is a rather bad miss in my opinion. Only available after the menu revamp, this pasta really didn’t feel anything Mentaiko in it. There does not seem to be any traces of Mentaiko found when served because it’s served dry. There may be a hint of Mentaiko in it’s taste, but it was too light to be noticeable. Overall, it just looked plain, tasted bland, awfully dry and quite dreadful to have.


(Apple Pie with Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream)

The Apple Pie here is served with Ice-Cream by default. This one is served with Cookies & Cream ice-cream, and basically is not any different from the one served at Island Creamery. The apples inside are just huge and generous, and the crust was just hard enough without being overly so; it’s pretty nice a dessert to end the meal off with.

Although my friends and I might have graduated from school now, I guess Burger Shack would be a place that we would revisit when time comes. We have had a lot of memories in this place, but I guess it’s pretty much also due to the quality of the food that we cannot resist ourselves from not coming back. I must admit that the burgers here may not be the best around, but if you are around the Bukit Timah area and trying to find some burgers to eat without emptying out your pockets, it is a pretty decent choice. Besides, Island Creamery is just nearby across the street at Serene Centre, which is simply convenient if you are looking for a place near an ice-cream treat for your after dinner cravings.

Burger Shack
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 Kings Arcarde
Singapore 269695

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/burgershackSG


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