Saveur – Far East Plaza

Saveur should not be an unfamiliar name to local foodies who are into French fare; they had been around Purvis Street for quite a while now serving french food to the masses. Their new outlet which opened at Far East Plaza seems to be way bigger, classier and accessible, and yet keeping their prices affordable.


(Saveur Pasta)

The Saveur Pasta is a starter that nearly every table ordered during our visit there. A pasta tossed with chili oil with Sakura Ebi with minced pork sauce, the pasta might seem plain on first sight, but the chili oil made it quite savoury with a dash of saltiness and spiciness, which gives the dish a kick in flavour. Some tables had them served in bowls while some were served with plates; my friend and I reckoned that they used bowls to serve single servings while the plates are for two servings as there were much more pasta in those that were served in plates.


(Duck Rillette)

Duck Rillette came with cracker slices to apply the Rillette on, lettuce, gherkin and pearl onion. For those who don’t know what a Rillette is, it is chopped meat in salt that is cooked in fat and shredded when tender and then cooled with the fat to form a paste. I hadn’t had any Rillette before, and I guess it fits in the description of Rillette rather perfectly, being a paste that is rather salty and contains fat in it. In a certain way, I guess this particular dish probably made me think I am not really the type of person that is into french food because despite it being fitting to is description, it was not really fitting for my palette and in a certain way felt quite revolting to me.


(Pork Belly)

My friend’s pork belly was served with jus, soft boiled egg and creamy green lentils. The pork belly is roasted in a way that it pretty much looks and tastes very similar to the roasted pork that our hawker centres and food courts serve up, and it was rather juicy and crispy but on the verge of being rather hard to cut with the knife. My friend loved the egg too, for it just looked like it was going to burst open in your mouth as you gave it a bite. He also commented the lentils didn’t really taste like vegetables and were rather impressive, but I was just too uninterested to try them out for myself because I don’t really fancy beans and anything that looks similar.


(Chicken Roulade)

Chicken Roulade was impressive. The chicken thigh was stuffed with foie gras infused chicken farce, but I couldn’t really detect foie gras in it, which is a good thing for a person whom doesn’t dare to try foie gras. The chicken thigh doesn’t really taste much either, but the creamy Basmati rice was fragrant and tasted really similar to the white sauce that is used in some baked rice dishes. The Parmesan sauce also added a cheesy flavour to the chicken and the rice, creating a somewhat baked rice taste in the dish without actually having baked rice.

My meal at Saveur on an overall was a pretty one; the food was rather affordable without any tradebacks in it quality. The only issue that I had was probably one coming from myself; maybe I am not really someone whom accepts certain French fare after all? I guess I would be back some other day again for a meal though, especially when I think I might crave for the items that I could accept somehow in the near future.

Far East Plaza
14 Scott’s Road
Singapore 228213

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