Le Gourmet – Blk 504 West Coast Drive (Closed)

(Le Gourmet had since ceased operations.)

It’s really hard to believe that a hidden gem would exists in the West Coast area, especially when it is located so near to the Pandan Loop area which is an industrial area, so it was surprising to find Le Gourmet tucked right in a corner of the row of shophouses located around Ayer Rajah Food Centre & Market.

The quaint little neighbourhood cafe actually had its roots coming from a hawker centre stall that used to exist at Blk 516 in the West Coast area. Since then, they had moved out from their former premises into this shop area that is a tad unnoticeable unless you decide to turn left rather than to head in the direction where more shops are located at. The food establishment has simplistic decor, sticking with the shade of white for it’s furnishings, which gives it a clean, modern and comforting feel. While it does seem promising from the outside though, an awkward thing that I had noticed while passing by here and the day of my actual visit was that there isn’t any customers dining in, or even when there are customers, there are only a handful that can be counted by fingers. Despite so, I was still keen on trying it out hence I made a visit to Le Gourmet.


(Beef Bolognese Baked Rice)

The Beef Bolognese Baked Rice my friend had was extremely fragrant when it came to the table. Not only could you smell the aroma of baked cheese, you could also smell the tomato in the Bolognese as well. It also seemed quite huge too, but my friend liked it, though his only qualm was it being a bit too greasy. Kind of regretted not pinching some of his order to try though …


(Mexican Grilled Chicken with Cheezy Sausage)

The Mexican Grilled Chicken with Cheezy Sausage came with a choice of 2 sides, so I decided to go for Potato Wedges and Coleslaw. The boneless chicken thigh was juicy and tender, but it contained quite a bit of soft bones that somewhat ruined the otherwise flawless texture of the chicken. The brown sauce seemed to have a unique flavour, but the cheese sauce which is a definite-must for every Mexican grilled chicken dish out there wasn’t very strong, nor slightly spicy unlike the usual nacho sauces.


(Cheezy Sausage from Mexican Grilled Chicken with Cheezy Sausage)

The cheesy sausage was quite nice too. While it doesn’t really squirt cheese out of itself when being cut, it oozes out slowly and it isn’t that strong in flavour so it doesn’t overpower the saltiness of the sausage. The skin is crispy, and the meat just felt like quality, unlike those that are springy and feel more like franks.



(Potato Wedges and Coleslaw)

The sides are pretty awesome as well. The potato wedges are crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside which are addictive. The coleslaw was served so cold in remained so at least 20mins after it was served (Forgot to try it as it first came), and contained bits of onions that gave it a slightly different flavour from other milky or green-ish flavour from coleslaws elsewhere.

After having a meal at Le Gourmet, I don’t have any reason to doubt it’s potential as a neighbourhood cafe. It does definitely seem like a good place to relax and have a quiet meal with family and friends, but one thing leaves me puzzled; if the food is so good and the price seems reasonable, why there is it still largely empty throughout the day? Maybe it’s another question that no one can answer, but at least it’s going to be one of my favourite places to hang out if I am in the western end of Singapore.

For my second visit to Le Gourmet, click here.

Le Gourmet
Blk 504 West Coast Drive
Singapore 120504

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Gourmet/


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