Food For Thought – 8Q SAM (Moved)

(Food For Thought has ceased operations at 8Q SAM. They still operate at two other locations; updated address below.)

Some time back, a friend decided to recommend Food For Thought for brunch on a day out. Food For Thought is synonymous with the word “brunch”, although it does sell items that are great for lunch and dinner as well. It’s a popular spot to locals here on the Little Red Dot in South East Asia, and the two outlets that they have seems to be full at any time, which was lucky that my friend actually did a reservation for us to save us from the wait.

The exterior of the outlet at 8Q SAM at 8 Queens Street is rather abstract and artsy; totally matching its background with the Singapore Arts Museum. One thing special about Food For Thought unlike other eateries out there as they say it is that it’s “Food For A Cause”. Basically, profits for a meal here would be channeled to improve the lives of people in Africa via various means, such as enabling them to have clean drinking water, feed the children and improve their quality of life, which is a pretty cool deed that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility.


(Full Works with added bacon; replaced brioche with scone)

Most of us ordered the same item, which was the Full Works. It’s the biggest set amongst the “Works” items which is essentially almost all the add-ons of the “Works” set combined together in one. If this doesn’t fancy you, they too have Granola and Pancakes available.

Full Works is huge. It has scrambled eggs, garlic mushrooms, chicken sausage, hash brown and a toasted brioche with thyme tomato salad. I wasn’t really keen on having brioche so I swapped mine for a Scone and added bacon. The presentation of the dish was just colorful and inviting, seemingly ready to open up your taste buds almost immediately.


(Scrambled Eggs)

The scrambled eggs were slightly flowy but not to the point of being liquid and is done just right for me as it wasn’t too hard.


(Garlic Mushrooms)

The mushrooms also had a hint of garlic that boosts its taste.


(Chicken Sausages & Hashbrowns)

The chicken sausages served here are sliced up rather than served as it is, which saves the effort of trying to cut them up if you are that lazy. It did carry its flavor, but was slightly dry for my liking. The hashbrowns are also shaped in balls, which was quite cute and rather fine. The bacon is slightly chewy yet crispy, which I quite liked.



The scone was rather fragrant at first, but I guess it was of a rather huge size and halfway through the meal, it seemed quite hard to swallow because it was a tad sickening; maybe it would not have felt that bad if it was not that big or that I ordered a smaller set. I found the garden salad slightly intimidating because there were too many vegetables and I don’t really fancy tomatoes, especially when it’s a big slice chopped in that form.

Although there are certain things in my meal that I didn’t really like, I would say that the meal at Food For Thought was a good one. As far as the food is concerned, they look great and taste great, and leaves you wanting for more. Moreover, what’s better than being able to help make other’s lives better while having a meal? I suggest for all those people who hadn’t tried Food For Thought yet to go down and give it a go because the food’s awesome, and the causes that they are doing are just meaningful.

Food For Thought (Botanic Gardens)
Botanic Gardens (Tanglin Gate)
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569

Food For Thought (National Museum of Singapore)
National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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