Streets of London – Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central (Moved)

(Streets of London had ceased operations at Bukit Merah and moved Katong Point Mall; the Bukit Merah space is currently occupied by Pan Delights.)

Bukit Merah might seem like a quiet and perhaps even an “ageing” neighbourhood, but it seems that neighbourhood cafes that target office executives and young adults have found their home ground here. One such place is Streets of London, which had been featured in The Business Times and 8 Days magazine last year.

Located right in front of a zebra crossing right across Blk 164, Streets of London is hard to miss with its distinctive decor on the exterior featuring the Union Jack. Its interior is just simple chic; clean white walls with wooden flooring and a few simple pictures in frames hung on the walls.


(Grilled IPA Chicken)

I didn’t know what to go for so I went with the Chef’s recommendations which was the Grilled IPA Chicken. I have no idea what IPA stands for, but somehow the name just reminded me of some IPL (?) slimming treatments. That aside, it is a grilled chicken dish that’s supposedly different from the normal Grilled Chicken dish that they serve that comes with sauteed vegetables and mashed potato. I got caught a glimpse on one of the patrons sitting at another table, who was nodding in delight when his Grilled IPA Chicken came to the table and the aroma just filled the entire room, which made me sort of glad that I ordered it.


(Grilled IPA Chicken)

The chicken was nicely grilled and the slightly charred bits gave it some crisp in its skin. It also was rather juicy and rather fragrant. The mashed potato was fluffy and the sauteed vegetables had a hint of butter; rather delectable. The glaze on the side was a somewhat sweet & sour sauce and was just slight peppery, and was a good sauce to compliment the chicken if you wish.

I guess I would somewhat return to this place to try on their other items soon. The food was good and the service, even though the service staff were teenagers in home clothes, were quite polite and well-mannered which is quite hard to find even in commercial restaurants. The only gripe on my visit was that it took a little too long for my food to be served, along with 2 other tables where there were 2 persons at each of them. That aside, do take note the place doesn’t really have a high capacity so there may be some waiting involved, though I went on a weekday lunch hour and there was still some empty tables left.

For my second visit to the Bukit Merah outlet, click here.

Streets of London
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150161

Streets of London
Katong Point Mall
451 Joo Chiat Road
Level 1
Singapore 427664

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