Goldilocks Fried Chicken – Universal Studios Singapore (and some Churros!)

It’s not often that you can get to dine in the food establishments in Universal Studios Singapore, unless you have an annual pass of sorts or it would definitely be an expensive feat. Given the vast amount of eating establishments they have within the park, chances are that you would be spoilt for choice on which one to go.

Just like many others, we were spending a great day at the park but we got hungry slightly after lunch hour, so we decided to look for one that was nearest to us which happened to be the food court within The Lost World section of the park that sells local delights. Since that did not appeal to us, we decided to proceed to Far Far Away to Goldilocks Fried Chicken.

Goldilocks Fried Chicken, located within the Far Far Away section of Universal Studios Singapore adopts the castle theme synomynous with the movies of Shrek. Inside, it has paintings and pictures of Shrek and the various characters in the movie, which definitely attracts the attention of young kids. This establishment sells fried chicken in various combo meals and burgers. There is also a Ben & Jerry’s kiosk in there as well.


(Papa Bear Set)

Papa Bear Set is essentially is a 3 piece chicken meal with a bun. We mixed the chicken to have a piece of normal chicken and two pieces of spicy. The normal one was pretty standard, while the spicy one has flavours comkng from Thai-style sweet chilli, something that I liked. The downside with the spicy was extremely oily.


(Grilled Chicken Burger)

The Grilled Chicken Burger was beyond our expectations. The bun is different from those usually served in fast food restaurants; it was more like the ones served in EwF by Everything With Fries without the glaze. This made the burger felt more premium. The chicken patty was more like a piece of chicken breast as was thick and tender and felt tastier than normal fast food joints. The lettuce somehow reminded me of McDonald’s though.


(Criss-Cut Fries)

Criss-cut fries are served there and seemed to be a popular item. The potatoes are fried yet doesn’t feel dry, and comes with potato skin too.

Overall, Goldilocks Fried Chicken is quite the affordable choice when it comes to dining within the premises of the park. Meals are available for around the same price range as a meal at Carl’s Junior. While it probably seems a bit pricey as compared to fast food joints, it’s considerably okay for food in a tourist spot. Just be prepared to queue as the food appeals to families with children visiting the park, and the not-so pleasant environment that any eating establishments catered to children would have.

Goldilocks Fried Chicken
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore 098269

Telephone: 6577 8888

(within the Far Far Away zone)

And did I mention something about Churros?



Churros are dough sticks dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Don’t belittle this small delicacy though; they taste insanely good!


(Hot-Rod selling Churros within Universal Studios Singapore)

If you love Churros or have the intention to try them out, check this hot rod out near the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore! The Churros here are so addicting we ended up getting a few to bring back to the hotel room for late night snacks.

PS: Pictures from this post are taken with a Canon IXUS 130


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