Swensen’s Singapore revmaped weekend breakfast menu

It’s been quite a while since I last visited Swensen’s for breakfast, so if was kind of a surprise when I saw the breakfast menu revamped with the rest of the menu together.


(Swensen’s Breakfast Omelette)

I love having eggs for breakfast, so I decided to order the Swensen’s Breakfast Omelette. This is an omelette that contains tomatoes, served with Ciabatta bun, mushrooms, hashbrown and cheese sausages. The omelette was rather runny, but lacked the savoury taste; probably some bacon would be able to enhance the taste of the dish.


(Sauteed Mushrooms from the Swensen’s Breakfast Omelette)

The sauteed mushrooms are largely similar to the mushrooms that used to come with the breakfast sets, but less saucy. The same taste retains, which is somewhat creamy and fragrant.


(Ciabatta Buns from the Swenswen’s Breakfast Omelette)

The Ciabatta bun is a new offering that came with the revised breakfast menu. Each Ciabatta bun is filled with Honey Butter Cream, which gives it a sweet yet salty taste which is just heavenly for morning breakfast.


(Classic French Toast with Honey Butter Cream)

Classic French Toast with Honey Butter Cream was a classic breakfast done right. It is served with chicken sausages, hashbrown and sauteed mushrooms. The French Toast was fluffy and retained some moisture in the bread, unlike somewhere they are fried or grilled dry. When drizzled with maple syrup and dabbed with the Honey Butter Cream, the combination of taste is just perfect.

Swensen’s breakfast is only available on weekends 8am to 11am. Each set comes with coffee or tea with no additional charges, which adds some value to the meal. It is definitely a great way to start an early weekend with your family or friends if you are thinking of having an american-style breakfast without having to travel too far out from the neighbourhood.


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