Mr Pan’s (Part 2) – Blk 418 Yishun Ave 11

After my first visit to Mr Pan’s, I wasn’t really impressed by the main I ordered as although the food was above average, the price doesn’t seem fitting for the food.

Recently, I had stumbled on their Facebook page and many people commented that they serve pretty good pastas. Since I said I would revisit them for their pasta as it looks just so good in the photos on the signboard, I decided to do just that.


(Chicken & Ham Alfredo)

The Chicken & Ham Alfredo is a cream-based pasta. While its cream-based, it would definitely appeal to those whom enjoy soupy sauces as it’s liquid instead of being clumpy. The sauce was rich in flavour yet not too heavy. The chicken was grilled tender and the ham was tasty; something rare as a lot of places serve ham that is tasteless or tastes something else other than ham.

At $5 for a plate of pasta, this is value-for-money, given the generous amount of toppings and the quality. While it doesn’t hit the standards of being restaurant-grade, it definitely would attract nearby residents for its affordability. This would be somewhere where I would come back for more pasta in the future!

Click here for my first visit to Mr Pan’s.

Mr Pan’s
Y418 Coffee Station
Blk 418 Yishun Ave 11
Singapore 760418

Facebook Page:


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