The Pizza Place – Raffles City Shopping Centre (Closed)

(The Pizza Place had since ceased operations.)

Mention “pizza” in Raffles City Shopping Centre and the first name that comes to mind is Skinny Pizza. While Skinny Pizza is all modern, upscale and more “artisanal” as it may seems, there is also another option for diners looking for pizza in the shopping centre; The Pizza Place.

Quite opposed to the route taken by Skinny Pizza, The Pizza Place is a small eatery that is a lot more casual and affordable as compared to it’s competitor right opposite them. There is nothing really hip in the interior, which makes it seem like a place that sells unpretentious, good food with a easy-going environment.

The Pizza Place specialises in pizzas, though they do sell pastas and baked rice. There is also quite a variety of sides being sold there as well. The dough for the pizza seems to be freshly made in the kitchen upon order, which guarantees quality taste. The size of the pizzas are being shown on stickers stuck a glass piece behind the counters for easy reference.


(Hawaiian Pizza)

My friend and I went there and decided to have two personal-sized pizzas to share. We both decided to go for both the Hawaiian Pizza and the Smoked Salmon Pizza. The Hawaiian Pizza is your typical classic cheese over ham, pineapples and tomato sauce kind of pizza. The crust was great being crisp on the outside and fluffy in the inside; something that would appeal to people who like thicker crusts, and the pineapples were just so juicy. There was enough cheese to blend the flavour of the tomato sauce and cheese together, and the ham was just full of meaty taste.


(Smoked Salmon Pizza)

The Smoked Salmon Pizza was considered as a more innovative dish as compared to the classics. It’s a cheese-less Pizza, coming only with huge amounts of sour cream coming beneath the Smoked Salmon slices with herbs sprinkled on top. It was a rather interesting combination as the the sour cream felt like a dip to the crust, making it seem as though you are having a taco. The smoked salmon pieces were also fresh and smoked just fine, leaving it with enough salmon goodness without having a bad aftertaste.

The Pizza Place is the place to go for if you are looking for pizzas that is easy on your wallet in Raffles City Shopping Centre. It is also a great choice for those who prefer thicker crusts for their pizza. Do take note that the outlet can be rather packed during lunch hours, so there may be some waiting involved. Other than that, this place is definitely a place to visit. And I think it would be more politically correct to call it “That Pizza Place” because it’s just so unique to itself.

The Pizza Place
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 New Bridge Road #B1-16
Singapore 189103

Telephone: 6336 1979


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