iWaNNaGeTsTuFFeD – Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 (Closed)

(iWaNNaGeTsTuFFeD had since ceased operations.)

iWaNNaGeTsTuFFeD is a mid-sized non air-conditioned cafe that sits directly opposite East View Primary School. While it looks simple and pretty average from the exterior, not the same could be described for it’s customer base and for its food.

For the ease of typing and viewing, the name of the restaurant shall be spelled in small case from this point onwards

Opened as a vegetarian restaurant initially at Kallang Leisure Park, iwannagetstuffed transitioned to a cafe that also serve meat now after it’s move to Tampines. This probably changed some circumstances of the business for them, and attracted a good number of Caucasian patrons to them. This should be pretty evident that the western cuisine served here could be pretty authentic.


(Cheese Topped Potato Skins)

The Cheese Topped Potato Skins were wonderful. They were pretty crispy and had quite a fair bit of potato in them too. There were minced beef in them that contributed quite a bit of its flavour and the melted cheese on too just provided the extra oomph it needed in taste and texture.


(Pan-Seared Cajun Fish)

My friend’s order was a Pan-Seared Cajun Fish. He commented that the spices was just right as it wasn’t overwhelming, and that the fish was fresh. I liked the fries, which retained the crisp after being placed for a while and was filled with much potato in them.


(Papa’s Meatball Pasta)

The Papa’s Meatball Pasta comes in Fusilli, Penne, Linguine and Spaghetti options, so I went with Penne. There were a few nicely sized chunks of tomato in there, and those tasted fresh. The sauce’s light flavour also ensured that the taste of the pasta isn’t covered in tomato sauce. The meatballs are not packed too tightly, but was a pretty combination of pork and beef that didn’t carry an extremely strong taste of either meat.

iwannagetstuffed, definitely lives up to it’s own name; by keeping its patrons stuffed after their visit. It’s sinful to feel stuffed, but the food from here makes you feel good about the idea. While it’s definitely not top notch fine dining standards, it would be a great place for one to indulge in comfort food that is above average at pocket-friendly prices.

Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4
Singapore 520801

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/iWannaGetStuffed


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