Laksania – NEX (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations.)

Like cats, Laksa is a type of food that has many different species. The most local version would be the Katong Laksa, while we also have Penang Laksa from across the border.

Laksania probably got it’s name from a local lingo, where nia means “only”. True to it’s name, Laksania sells only Laksa dishes. From sides to mains and its hotpots, Laksa is served in all dishes except for desserts and drinks. While they sell the different types of Laksa, they also incorporated Laksa into the popular foods of today, creating unique flavours that will create impressions.


(Singapore Laksa)

The Singapore Laksa is something that tastes familiar and close to our hearts. With all the necessary ingredients such as cockles, prawns, fishcake, taupok, etc, it’s an all-rounded dish that was above average. The coconut milk in the broth was evident, and it creates the taste that makes it a bowl of truly Singaporean Laksa. The shells of the prawns came off rather easily, indicating freshness.


(Sarawak Laksa)

I hadn’t tasted a Sarawak Laksa before, but the Sarawak Laksa came with shredded chicken, prawns and taupok. Much like the Penang Laksa, there is a strong Sambal belacan flavour with only a hint of Coconut milk. It’s also slightly more sour but less spicy.


(Laksa Chicken Baked Rice)

One of the more innovative dishes one can find here at Laksania is the Laksa Chicken Baked Rice. Looking like a normal plate of Chicken Baked Rice, the real essence of this dish lies beneath the cheese. While the rice was a bit underwhelming, the laksa sauce underneath the layer of cheese made it one-and-only. Would have preferred more sauce with the rice as it would have given the dish more punch.


(Laksa Goreng)

Laksa Goreng was a must-try dish on the menu. It was slightly dissapointing for it’s name as I couldn’t taste any laksa in the dish. That being so, it was definitely a satisfying plate of Mee Goreng, just not a plate of Laksa Goreng.

While Laksania is place that serves both conventional laksa as well as interesting combinations of other cuisine infused with Laksa, I find that the conventional laksa dishes are more consistent in quality as compared to the modern laksa dishes. For anyone who are interested to try stone-pot rice with Laksa or a Laksa Lasagne though, I would still recommend to go for a try as it offers an interesting and fresh perspective that one would not get anywhere else.

23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083

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