Triple O’s by White Spot – The Star Vista (Closed)

(Triple O’s by White Spot has closed the outlet at The Star Vista. For more information on other outlets, visit their website which can be found at the bottom of this post.)

Triple O’s was a fast food outlet that is rarely heard about in Singapore as it’s presence is neither as global as the biggest name in fast food, McDonald’s, nor the recently uprising ones such as Carl’s Junior. In an effort to expand itself into other countries, White Spot Restaurants brought Triple O’s into Singapore and opened their first outlet in The Star Vista.

The menu served in the outlets here in Singapore is rather similar to the ones served in Canada, where Triple O’s came from. Being a fast food outlet, it sells mainly burgers, which is claimed to be “made-to-order”. Other signature items include Sweet Potato Fries, Poutine and Milkshakes.


(Mushroom Burger)

The burgers don’t come in Ala-Carte order and are in meal combos. Each combo comes with fries, burger and a soft drink. You can trade the fries for a Poutine instead at an additional dollar. Something that I like here is that the pickles come with the burgers, but are wrapped in another layer of its own so people whom like it can add it in while people whom dislike it can omit it out. The Mushroom Burger is a beef burger with sauteed mushrooms and their own signature sauce. It’s a saucy burger that isn’t messy to eat. While many other places serve Mushroom burgers with sauces that covers off the taste of mushrooms, I could taste the flavour of the mushrooms in this one. The beef also didn’t taste too strong either.



The main highlight of the place is the “Quebec-style” Poutine, which is fries with brown sauce and curd cheese. However, the ones served in Singapore from Triple O’s are stringy cheese. This is a dish that is hard to find and rarely heard about in Singapore and the first time I ever heard of it was when Triple O’s first opened. The brown sauce is something similar to a mash potato sauce but gives a lot more kick in flavour. I am not sure how a plate of authentic Poutine should taste as it was my first time, but this dish could potentially be salty for a few although I was fine with it.

Triple O’s pricing is identical to Carls’s Junior. At $13.50 for the Mushroom Burger Combo, the “made-to-order” meal is rather reasonable. It’s quite a popular spot for lunch during weekdays, so do bear in mind during your visit. Will definitely return some day!

Triple O’s by White Spot
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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