Ice Cream Frenzy – Blk 501 West Coast Drive

West Coast is a spot in Singapore where many would neglect as it is one of those neighbourhoods tucked in a corner outside the town centre located near to an industrial estate. So it was a surprise for me to find an ice-cream parlour right smacked in the small neighbourhood centre near the food centre and wet market there.

Ice Cream Frenzy is a small ice-cream parlour that feels homely; inside the cafe are mini fountains, animal sculptures and wooden decor. Unlike many other modern or commercial ice cream parlours, apart from selling ice-cream, waffles and coffee, they also serve hot bites such as nuggets and even korean noodles.


(American Apple Pie Ice-Cream)

Since it is primarily an ice-cream parlour, I got myself a single scoop of American Apple Pie ice-cream. It’s essentially an apple-flavoured ice cream with bits of crust in it. They were generous on the amount of crust given, but I would have preferred it to have a bit more flavour and even better if they could include bits of apple in it.


(Irish Coffee)

The Irish Coffee is a coffee with a supposedly tablespoon of Bailey’s Irish Cream. The catch about it here is that the Bailey’s is poured into the coffee after it is being served to you. For my cup of Irish Coffee, there was actually more Bailey’s than the intended amount and hence tasted more alcoholic, but let’s just keep the awkward scenario between the server and myself …

While Ice Cream Frenzy seems like a secret hideout to the students of the school located nearby, it is indeed a nice place for celebrations and after-dinner dessert. They have daily promotions for every single day of the week between 3pm to 5pm, ranging from waffles, brownies and ice-cream. For those interested in Ice-Cream Buffets, they offer that for $15 between 3pm to 5pm, so do check them out. I probably would try the more conventional flavours if I visit next time though.

Ice Cream Frenzy
Blk 501 West Coast Drive
Singapore 120501

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