Strictly Pancakes – 44A Prinsep Street

Pancakes have evolved of the late. Gone are the impressions of them being for breakfast doused in maple syrup and butter. People now have it any point of the day with anything they desire.

Strictly Pancakes is probably one of the pioneers which brought the modern concept of pancakes to Singapore. Known to sell not only just conventional pancakes but savoury and sweet ones as well, it is a hit with young adults and teenagers alike whom love pancakes. We reached there on a rainy Saturday afternoon and there was already a queue outside.

The two-storey shophouse may seem a bit small for an eatery. The groud floor is where the kitchen is and the beverage counter as well as bench seats, whereas the upper floor has couches where we sat. They may sound comfy to dine in, but it was really a pain in the ass; at least for me. The couch was higher than the coffee table and it really creates a terrible posture to reach for anything on the table, and even more aching to eat at.

As mentioned earlier, Strictly Pancakes do sell various types of Pancakes; the basic stakced ones, Savoury and Sweet. The most basic set comes in 2 to 4 per stack depending on your preferred portion size. From there, you get to choose from 4 tyre of butter and you can add sides if you fancy. The Savoury section are pre-designed options that often come with meat or seafood such as prawns, beef or chicken, though there is one called “Potato Leeking Cheese”, which all sound great for brunch. Sweet Pancakes are mostly fruity flavours and are more dessert-like as compared to the rest of the menu.


(Medium Stack with Rum & Raisin Butter, Scrambled Eggs and Sauteed Mushrooms)

I went for the Medium stack that day, coupling my pancakes with scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Oddly though the Rum & Raisin butter I had ordered along with my pancakes actually came way ahead before the pancakes arrived, so I ended up tasting it alone before the pancakes arrived.


(Rum & Raisin butter)

The Rum & Raisin butter was something new to me and I was pretty impressed by it; though it does have a tint of alcoholic Rum flavour and the taste of raisins, the butter still tasted like what it should have been. The interesting mix in flavour was not addicting, but created a lasting impression. If anything, it would call it an elegant combination of flavours.


(Scrambled Eggs & Sauteed Mushrooms)

It took quite a while for the pancakes to arrive, but when they did, I was assured that my order was something that could and never actually did went wrong. The pancakes are lightly flavoured though slightly salty, though not disturbingly so. They were also fluffy and done just right. The scrambled eggs were runny and not very solid. This would be the type of scrambled eggs that would appeal to those whom like theirs to be slightly more flowy. For the sauteed mushrooms, it was rather average though.


(Medium Stack with Rum & Raisin butter, Corned Beef Hash and Bacon)

My friend’s meaty combination wasn’t something that appealed to me though. He ordered for the Medium Stack with Rum & Raisin butter for the pancakes, Corned Beef Hash and Bacon for his sides. While I must say that the bacon was crispy and rather delectable, the Corned Beef Hash was on the other side of the scale. While it’s a fact that corned beef hash had never really been able to look more appealing, the taste of the ones here were downright salty that it was just too hard to eat after some time. It could have been better off if he had decided to order the Chicken Chipolatas for his side instead.

Strictly Pancakes is a good place to go for if you are with a group of friends who are looking for a place to have a good morning breakfast or brunch. For a pancake lover, a visit to Strictly Pancakes is a definite must. The pancakes, especially the sweet and savoury ones are creative and daring combinations in terms of the ingridients used in them. The prices here are rather reasonable, but do take note of their staggered opening hours and the long queue if you are planning a visit though.

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674

Telephone: 6333 4202

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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