Chef’s Hats (Part 2) – Hougang Green Shopping Mall

Last week I had decided to visit Chef’s Hat again as I was craving for their food and my friend hadn’t been there before and thus was a good opportunity to do so. As opposed to my previous visits, I decided to skip the mains and ordered Pasta dishes instead.


(Bacon, Ham and Chipolata in Neapolitan Sauce with Linguine)

I ordered a Bacon, Ham and Chipolata with Linguine in Neapolitan Sauce. The sauce was pretty tangy and was flavourful. Bacon is crispy and the Chipolata was bouncy. A pasta that is very well executed.


(Treasures of the Sea with Linguine)

Treasures of the Sea is a seafood aglio olio that is being served with clams, prawns and squid. My friend opted for Linguine too. He loved the freshness of the seafood, and the clams seemed rather huge.


(Belgian Waffles with Cookies and Cream Ice-Cream)

For dessert, we settled for the Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream and went for Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. Ice Cream is from New Zealand Natural, so for those whom have tried it before it would taste familiar. Waffles are fragrant, though was a bit soft that night. Probably it was due to us taking quite a while before getting to it, allowing it to soften a bit.

It has always been a pleasure to visit Chef’s Hat. For my earlier visit to Chef Hat’s, you can find the post here or my subsequent visit by clicking here.

Chef Hat’s
21 Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Hougang Street 51
Singapore 538719

Facebook Page:!/chefs.hats?fref=ts


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