Ricciotti Pizza, Pasta, Grill – The Star Vista (Closed)

(Ricciotti Pizza, Pasta, Grill had since ceased operations at The Star Vista. Ricciotti Singapore still operates at The Riverwalk; the address for the The Riverwalk branch is updated at the end of the post.)

The Star Vista is one of my favourite hideouts for food, mainly given the food establishments there are more unique and most of them are rarely found in other shopping malls, even in the ones at town (JamaicaBlue, Lee’s Taiwanese, Morganfields, just to name a few) and get an environment so peaceful its unrivalled to them.

Ricciotti is just one of them. Not a newcomer to the food industry, it’s third outlet opened at The Star Vista took on a more contemporary and industrial design that screams more than just modern as you step into the restaurant. Other than the airconditioned area, they also have an alfresco dining area that is well sheltered with fans to keep you cool while you have your meal with the serene environment around the meal, though slightly more cramped than the interior seating area.

Riciotti specialises in pizzas and pastas, but do sell other mains such as grilled chicken and Cozze. Of special mention would be the “Sweet Pizza” which is essentially dessert tarts with pizza dough.



My two friends and I somehow decided to go for Pasta dishes that day. I ordered a simple Carbonara, which is served with spaghetti with bacon and mushrooms. The Carbonara sauce served by Ricciotti is of the dry type, which is more traditional. The cream sauce though, looks little, is just enough to complement the whole plate of pasta without wasting any of it. The bacon also is chewy and taste like bacon, rather than some lower quality bacon that tastes like ham.


(Fettucine Ala Bolognese)

One of my friends chose to go with Fettucine Ala Bolognese which I got to try out. It is essentially Fettucine served with minced beef in Bolognese sauce. The Bolognese was decent and didn’t overpower the taste of the pasta, but the slight letdown would be the beefy taste of the beef. A few spoons could instantly fill the tongue with the taste of beef that every other taste in the pasta fades out. Definitely not for someone who dislikes beef that tastes strong, though my friend who is fine with beef said it was an enjoyable dish.


(Seafood Mariana)

The other friend ordered Seafood Mariana. This one seemed pretty much worth the value for what it is compared to the other two for the sheer amount of clams they served. Served with the tomato-based sauce with prawns and spaghetti, it was literally the best out of the lot. The sauce complemented the pasta without being overwhelming, and my friend commented that the seafood used were rather fresh, which I agreed after having a prawn.


(Affogato with Vanilla Ice-Cream)

For dessert, I went with Affogato with Vanilla Ice Cream. They do serve Affogato with Pisatchio Ice Cream, but ran out of stock of Pisatchio Ice Cream that day. The Espresso used here is slightly less bitter than the ones I had elsewhere, but it made the ice cream easier to blend itself in. The unique flavour of its Vanilla Ice Cream is something that hadm’t been replicated in other vanilla-flavoured ice creams elsewhere, and that certainly made the Affogato one of the more unique ones that I ever had. Not to mention it’s the only place so far that the waiter arrives with the cup containing a scoop of ice-cream and pours the shot of espresso into it right in front of your eyes. Definitely a good way to impress your friends who are with you that never had an Affogato before!

While the food is indeed decent and above average, I would say that their tomato-based pastas are better than cream-based ones. Ricciotti might not come across as an immediate option for those whom are more comfortable with the lower budget restaurants, however if there is some extra cash that you don’t mind spending and if you are looking for something that is middle-priced without being overly expensive, Ricciotti would be an interesting option to try out.

Ricciotti Pizza, Pasta, Grill
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #01-33/K2
Singapore 138617

Ricciotti Singapore
The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road
Singapore 058416

Web Page: http://ricciotti.co/index.php
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ricciotti.pizza.pasta.grill.singapore


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