5 Star Corner – Blk 805 Hougang Central

There are days when you just crave for food that is more delicately executed, but there are just some days you just want to indulge in simplicity that is well cooked. Many coffee shops and food courts do sell simple delights, but not all of them are able to satisfy your cravings fully because they just lack the punch.

5 Star Corner is a western stall in Hougang Central that sells hotplates, chicken chops, steaks etc, which is very typical of most western places located in coffee shops and food courts before names like Aston’s Express, Lava Rock and Char Grill Bar became familiar to us. I also noticed quite a number of people who were dining there were having western food too.


(Chicken Chop)

I ordered the Chicken Chop. The chicken was tender and juicy and was east to cut. The skin was also crispy. The French fries were thin but fried golden, nicely salted and crispy. However it lacked the fluff of potatoes, partially due to its size. The garlic bread is freshly sliced and spreaded with garlic spread by the staff, though I would have preferred it to have a stronger taste of garlic. The coleslaw was a bit of a letdown being lukewarm though.


(Chicken Chop; the bread)

While 5 Stars Corner isn’t really the top dog of all coffee shop located western stalls as it calls itself to be, its definitely one of the slightly better ones out there that one can find. Just don’t expect it to be an out-of-the-world experience but rather a tested-and-proven formula, and it would be able to satisfy you any day.

5 Star Corner
Blk 805 Hougang Central
Singapore 530805

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  1. Kurt says:

    You’re the worst food blogger I have ever come across. This 5star western food stall is the cornerstone of this coffee shop it has been the longest surviving vendor ever since god knows when and the Thai food you so much love and praise about is utter crap to be honest.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Kurt

      Perhaps the Western food had improved over time; I hadn’t been back for I don’t live in the area and don’t frequent the area often (this post had been written quite some time ago). I am sorry that you do not like the food for the Thai stall, but as for which of the stalls are better (or any food in the matter) I say it boils down to personal taste preferences — the world is beautiful for how everyone likes different things; for me to like something that you don’t and vice versa is how the world works. Hope you have a great day ahead 🙂

  2. Kurt says:

    The reason I commented is because I have actually gone thru all ur blogs and you mostly just judge on Cafes. If you can’t take my 2 cents worth, it only shows that you were offended by my comment and it shows me you fail as a food blogger. The food you eat is what you like but not what you love that’s why I willing to defend not only mine but most of the residents favourite stall. Sorry if 5start isn’t “Gourmet” enough for you but I don’t see that you have the standards to compare $15.50 food and $5.50 food. I’m not here to make or find trouble but if you’re a real food critic you would at least do some research before placing judgment.

    PS: “I live to eat not eat to live”
    Know the difference

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      I do eat hawker food (and western) pretty often, though much of these aren’t posted on the blog for various reasons though are posted elsewhere. I do have to agree that 5 Stars is good generally for the neighborhood and the price, but there are plenty of western stalls out of Hougang that serves better western food around (i.e. serves coleslaw cold for this particular case) which I have also stated at the end of the post as “definitely one of the slightly better ones out there that one can find.” and “don’t expect it to be an out-of-the-world experience but rather a tested-and-proven formula”. I am sorry if I have offended you for not liking the western stall, but old does not equate to gold, and nor the best in the area would necessarily be the best in the world. There could also be varying factors on the food (i.e not their signature item or a slip that only happened that day). We try hard to stay neutral here about food, and that means that hawker food or gourmet food is compared only to their relevant peers. It wouldn’t be fair to compare an apple to an orange right?

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