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Itacho Sushi has it roots coming from Hong Kong. While sushi originated from Japan, Itacho Sushi constantly brings quality into their food, and it does speak for itself. Prior to the visit in this post I had went to one of its outlets at Changi Airport Terminal 3, where the food was impressive that it convinced my friend and I to make constant visits to the place when we can. This time round, we decided to go for the outlet situated at The Star Vista to satisfy our cravings as the queue seems to be shorter there as compared to the outlets situated at the town or the one at Changi Airport.

The outlet at The Star Vista has both inside and outside seatings where the patrons would be sitting in the comfort of aircon for the inside seating and the patrons outside would be dining in an open-air area. Every table has a stand that contains a menu and a few promotional posters with ordering chits and pencils. The ordering system requires the patrons themselves to fill up the ordering chit with the items (represented by numbers according to the menu), it’s quantity and remarks for special orders. When it’s filled up, just get the wait staff to come around to submit the chit to them and they would get the food to you once it’s ready. While this is a good way to lessen the work scope of the wait staff, it was noticeable that the wait staff were still rather busy getting around the tables and getting the food out as they seemed to be understaffed.

Itacho Suhsi sells its sushis mostly at a per-piece basis. If the photos do depict moee than one piece of sushi for that item, the item would be served with multiple sushis following the quantity of the sushi in the photo of the menu as a single serving. Other than sushi, they also do sell Don, desserts, salads and fried dishes amongst many others.

My first set of order was submitted with 5 Sushis. For the sake of this post to not be too overwhelming, only selected sushis would be mentioned. Part of this batch contains the Salmon Sushi, Roasted Eel Sushi and the Spicy Salmon with Crispy Beancurd Sushi.


Salmon Sushi

Salmon Sushi is essentially the one of the basics; just a slice of raw salmon on top of rice. There is an option to include wasabi in between the fish and the rice for all sushis and I opted for it for all of my sushis. The salmon was fresh and the rice was held firmly and was mildly sweet and was so in the other sushis. This, although being a simple dish, sets the impressions of diners right.


(Roasted Eel Sushi)

Roasted Eel Sushi is actually pretty much close to Unagi Sushi in other restaurants. Itacho Sushi does sell other Eel Sushis such as Whole Sea Eel Sushi, but the Roasted Eel Sushi is roasted (as per the name) and has the Unagi sauce on it. The Roasted Eel Sushi is particularly mentioned here for it’s smooth texture which was easy to eat and good for people who doesn’t like Unagi for it’s very scaly texture.


(Spicy Salmon with Crispy Beancurd)

The Spicy Salmon with Crispy Beancurd Sushi is one of the more creative sushis that Itacho Sushi had came up with. It is essentially Spicy Salmon on top of a Crispy Beancurd that is on top of rice. The spicy salmon wasn’t overwhelming and hence didn’t cover the taste of the salmon which is good. The crispy beancurd is similar to the fried beancurd skin that are being served in vegetarian restaurant without any seasoning, so it tastes pretty light but yet crispy and gives some form of texture to the sushi. One qualm about it however was that the proper way of eating any sushi is to finish it in one mouth, but that certainly didn’t seem like a good idea for this sushi though … …

Part of second order consisted of Roasted Egg with Shrimp, Salmon in Soy Sauce Sushi, Roasted Scallop Sushi, Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi and Roasted Duck Breast Sushi.


(Roasted Egg with Shrimp)

The Roasted Egg with Shrimp is another simple dish that is somewhat roasted tamago with sweet shrimp. While it may look simple and quite out-of-context to order in a sushi restaurant, this dish was pretty much worth ordering. It was served hot and the roasted egg was fragrant. The sweet shrimps enhanced the taste of the eggs by providing a chewy texture to the egg and a sweet flavour that compliments the fragrance of the egg and was a perfect combination that was a delight to eat.


(Salmon in Soy Sauce Sushi & Roasted Scallop Sushi)

Salmon in Soy Sauce Sushi is an item that is produced in limited quantity each day and every diner is entitled to a maximum of 2 pieces. It’s also the cheapest sushi that they sell at $0.40 per piece. This is actually nearly similar to the Roasted Salmon sushi that they sell, just that the salmon had been marinated in Soy Sauce before roasting. The salmon was smooth to swallow and that the salmon was evenly marinated and well such that the soy sauce went deep with the salmon.

The Roasted Scallop Sushi comes served with some garlic on it. The garlic does give the sushi somewhat a flavour as scallops are pretty plain on taste if left alone. The scallops were also chewy but not tough, which was pretty well roasted.


(Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi & Roasted Duck Breast Sushi)

The Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi is pretty special for a sushi as one would not come across sushi that is being made of beef often. Much like the Roasted Scallop Sushi, garlic is being served on top of it too. While the garlic doesn provide some of its flavour, the beef didn’t taste too beefy and is suitable for people who dislike beef due to the aftertaste that it brings. The beef though was roasted, felt a bit elastic and was hard to chew into smaller bits. Other than that the sushi was fine though.

Roasted Duck Breast Sushi is another sushi that is not commonly available. Though it sounds much exciting, essentially it just tastes like what it should be; roast duck and sushi rice with wasabi stuck in the middle. It tasted nice, but there really isn’t anything to rave about this one.


(Smoked Duck Croquettes)

After my second order, my friend decided to get some non-sushi items to share, and he chose an interesting item to order. The Smoked Duck Croquettes were your typical Japanese croquettes filled with pumpkin but shaped into a ball, with bits of smoked duck in it. It is being served with a salad sauce with a bit of Takoyaki sauce. It was an interesting combination and the sauces do compliment the taste of the croquettes, but we would have liked it more if there were more duck included inside.


(Homemade Milk Pudding)

To end of my meal, I decided to order a Homemade Milk Pudding that would help satisfy my cravings for Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce from Friday’s lunch. It tasted pretty much like custard but way more lighter, and the caramel was bitter-sweet and complimented the pudding well. The pudding was also firm and despite it not really being very Japanese, it was a nice dish to end off a sushi date with a western twist.

All in all, my experiences with the food in Itacho Sushi is, and always have been a pleasant one. There is room for improvement though, especially in the form of service. I am not sure why but my visits to Itacho Sushi had always been marred by slow service. It took pretty long for the orders to arrive, and even then, not all of them arrives together at times which makes you ponder if they had forgotten your order or not. And sometimes when you do get the wait staff to check if the food had already been prepared, another person from the wait staff appears with your order before the one you called for has reached the kitchen to help you query on your food. Other than that, if you are one who likes quality sushi and are in for some special sushis that may not be available in some other places such as Wagyu Beef, Duck, Foie Gras and Pork Sushis, Itacho Sushi is for you.

Itacho Sushi
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-12
Singapore 138617

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Click here for my subsequent visit to the Bugis Junction outlet.


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