BenTen Cafe – Jurong Point (Closed)

(BenTen Cafe had since ceased operations.)

When I was still a teenager, I often craved for Japanese cuisine and Western cuisine because it’s really a break from the regular local fare, and I am pretty sure it’s true for most other teenagers too. So what can be more fascinating than the two types of cuisines that most teenagers fancy come together at a restaurant?

The other day, my family made a visit to BenTen Cafe after pondering on what to have for lunch because we were there early and some places weren’t opened yet. BenTen Cafe is a fusion food restaurant that really caters to the younger crowds by bringing Japanese and Western cuisines together with a modern twist. Other than pasta and baked rice, they also serve Hamburger Steak and Parfaits.

The restaurant is free seating and you are allowed to choose any table as long as it is not being marked reserved. Due to the cafe’s location in the mall, many of the tables were actually lined to the aisles of the mall, but it wasn’t really much an issue for us. Orders are made like how it’s in normal restaurants; get the wait staff to come when you are ready to order and it gets served to you when it is done.


Iced Coffee Float

My inner soul was screaming for me to have some coffee so I decided to go for some Iced Coffee Float. It’s essentially like a Coke Float, just that it is a vanilla ice-cream on top o the coffee. While the presentation seemed decent, the coffee looked pretty diluted and looked rather similar to Coke. The coffee tasted bland with a faint bitterness and the ice-cream was average. It only tasted better after the entire ice-cream got melted in the coffee, which did not take too long for it to happen anyway.


Mayonnaise Prawns

We ordered the Mayonnaise Prawns and Salmon Cheese Potato for sides. The Mayonnaise Prawns were quite fine as the mayonnaise was bursting with flavour despite the serving of mayonnaise we had. The prawns were quite chewy though the tempura batter wasn’t fried as crispy as expected, though the batter itself was pretty well done.


Salmon Cheese Potato

The Salmon Cheese Potato was served on a hotplate. Pretty self-explanatory, but there is also a small amount of Japanese mayonnaise used in it too. We weren’t really impressed with the “potato” part because we weren’t really expecting French Fries to be used on this dish. The salmon was also not really evenly spreaded out in the whole plate and the cheese was right smacked in the middle of the plate with the salmon. While there isn’t really much a problem with it being that way, it was pretty much hard to share because most of the salmon was just stuck with the cheese and its more than likely only one person would get to have the salmon because he/she just yanked it out with the cheese unintentionally.


(Bacon & Mushroom Pasta with Garlic Sauce)

For my main, I went with the Bacon and Mushroom Pasta with Garlic Sauce. The garlic sauce was pretty fragrant and the pasta absorbed the sauce, which was great. The bacon was chewy and was fine too. One of the better dishes there.


Seafood Curry Baked Rice

My parents went for the baked rice dishes. The Seafood Curry Baked Rice has squid and prawns in it and is being cooked with rice and japanese curry covered with a layer of cheese. We were pretty glad that the cheese covered up all the rice and the japanese curry is just right; not too beefy nor too spicy.


Hawaiian Baked Rice

The Hawaiian Baked Rice is somehow like a Hawaiian Pizza. It contains ham and pineapples and being cooked with cream sauce. The cream sauce enhanced the taste of the cheese and moistened the rice so that it wasn’t too dry.

To sum up the visit, BenTen is definitely a choice when it comes to Japanese-Western fusion food. It’s affordability and food variations are able to attract younger crowds to visit. Some of its dishes are worthy to make another visit, however there were also a few that were a hit and miss. On a day that you are in for something casual and on the lower budget range, you could probably give this place a visit, and it wouldn’t dissapoint you.

BenTen Cafe
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2

Web Page:
Facebook Page:



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