De Burg – Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 (Closed)

(De Burg had since ceased operations.)

Burgers are all the rage lately. With so many burger outlets sprouting over the island, one would have so many choices to go to for a burger, not just the regular names in the fast food industry such as McDonald’s, Burger King and MOS Burger. In the recent years, many other fast food labels have also come into Singapore, such as Wendy’s and Carl’s Junior, but there are also some locally-owned businesses that sell burgers made fresh and on the spot such as Burger Shack, Fat Boys Burger Bar, EWF by Everything With Fries and the abovementioned stall, De Burg.

De Burg is actually located in a small coffeeshop at Bukit Merah. It’s relatively near IKEA Alexandra and is just hidden behind Alexandra Village Cooked Food Centre, which isn’t too difficult to find when my friend and I visited them. They actually sell a wide variety of burgers including chicken burgers, pork burgers, beef burgers and also do have some specials too, but in much larger portions than the rest. All burgers are being served with either a side or two, depending on the size of your burger with 3 options available to choose from.


As you can see from the above photo, De Burg uses the self-service system whereby you would have to make your order at the counter and an electronic disk would be given to you and when the burgers are ready, it would light up and vibrate. It didn’t take too long for our orders to be served.


(Pork Burger with Chips)

I wasn’t in for something too daring that day so I ordered the regular Pork Burger with Chips (or if you prefer it, Fries). It’s a simple burger consisting of a 100 gram pork patty, vegetable, tomato, cheese and bacon (people who know me will know that I cannot resist bacon, which is the same reason why I ordered it). The bun was toasted and it was tasty; these days its just rare to find a place that would toast a bun for the burger. When the grilled pork patty was being cut with a knife, it didn’t disintegrate into crumbly bits, nor was it tough, which was pretty impressive. People who love their bacon crispy would like this burger too.


(Bacon Cheese Burger with Tater Tots)

My friend who was with me ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger with Tater Tots, which is just hashbrown puffs in a more “hip” name I guess. I hadn’t had a taste of his burger but he was satisfied with it. Just imagine the Pork Burger with a Beef patty and I guess that how that burger actually tastes like?


(Popcorn Chicken)

We also ordered Popcorn Chicken as a side because we just didn’t want to order the potato dishes since we already have them with our burgers. The Popcorn Chicken is rather similar to those you can get at KFC, but they are seemingly less greasy and more addicting to pop into your mouth. We actually ended up polishing that first while the poor burgers were just sitting there trying to get our attention although all 3 dishes just came together.

All in all, although De Burg does lack a bit of the “premium” feel in their burgers unlike in other locally-born burger outlets such as EWF and Burger Shack, it serves comfort food that actually satisfy the tastebuds of their customers. While this is not the best, it’s definitely something that’s worth to try out and visit if you are in the area.

De Burg Food and Drinks Pte Ltd
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore 151119

Facebook Page:!/deburgsingapore


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